Best Tumble Dryer 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

Best Tumble Dryer 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Have you ever forgotten to wash a work shirt and had to get it washed and dried before you can set off to the 9-5 rat race?

Well you know how that this is impossible to do without a tumble dryer.

You need 2 days’ notice to get this done with the old radiators, and don’t get me started on a drying maiden.

So, what is the downside? Energy bills? Kitchen space?

Both are very good points, but did you know a tumble tryer only uses 1kWh more per use than an electric oven? Which is only around 19p extra… This is also without the use of the new tumble dryer technology (see below for the mysterious truth).

As for kitchen space, we cannot help… We’re here to advise on tumble dryers, not create an episode of changing rooms. Sarah Beeny is who you need – catch her on twitter at @sarahbeeny.

Now you’ve realised you won’t be spending too much on energy and you get to see the radiators again, lets move onto the three types of tumble dryer.

Vented Tumble Dryer:

Ah, nostalgia – the good old, plastic tube from your dryer to an outside wall or through a window. How very 1970s. As you can imagine, this type of tumble dryer is the cheapest and least glam. As the vent takes the water vapour from the machine, you will need to make sure it is close enough to either a window or an outside wall.

The advantage of this type of tumble dryer, is that they are cheap. Who doesn’t like spending less money – after all, this gives you more money for pizza takeaways!

Condenser Tumble Dryer:

The clue is in the name with this one…

A condenser tumble dryer is a machine than condenses the water within it, and stores the water in a tank. The water tank collects the water which evaporates from the clothes, when the tank is full, you empty the water out and re-insert the tank.

Enough of the primary school science lesson and lets move on.

The massive advantage of this version is that it can go anywhere, there is no need for the dryer to have a vent or a particular position in your kitchen. The size of these are the same to a washing machine, so it fits nicely into any standard cupboard space.

The disadvantage of these is that you have to make sure the water tank is emptied regularly, which is not too much of a chore. But it does mean if you forget, the dryer will not work.

Heat-Pump Tumble Dryer:

Here comes the future of tumble dryers

The lean, mean, clothes drying machine…

The heat-pump tumble dryer is where the heat created to dry the clothes is recycled. The hot air, is not just lost within the system or vented out of the machine… It is re-routed back into the drum. This is great as it is highly energy efficient, giving some models a A++ rating – it is estimated the most efficient models run at £25 per year.

How’s that for your dirty laundry?

Enough of the introductions… This is getting longer than the ring walk for an Anthony Joshua fight…

Lets see what the best tumble dryer 2019:

Tumble Dryer Energy Rating Drum Size Check Price
Siemens WT45H200GB A++ 8kg
Beko DTBP7001W A+ 7kg
Samsung DV80K6010CW A++ 8kg
Candy CSC8DF-80 B 8kg
Hoover DXC9TCGB B 9kg
Bosch WTE84106GB B 7kg
Hotpoint FETV60CP C 6kg Check The Price
White Knight C44A7W C 7kg
  1. Siemens WT45H200GB – Best Tumble Dryer 2019
Best tumble dryer 2019

It isn’t surprising that the best tumble dryer 2019 uses heat-pump technology. The surprising part is just how good this machine is.

Granted Siemens is German, so we expect there to be some top-level engineering. There is also a 2-year warranty from Siemens, which is good for a tumble dryer, the majority only give 1 year and then an extended one for parts only.

A classic from zee Germans…

The siemens doesn’t just have the heat-pump technology, it also sports a noise-reducing design, giving it a noise level of 65dB, which is the 2nd lowest on our list. The equivalent of this noise level is ‘background music’.

Enough of the serenading noise of a tumble dryer, what else is there to sing about the Siemens?

There is an anti-vibration design, which helps it to have this lower sound level, but also reduces the rocking motion you get with old machines. Then there is the drying itself, the Siemens covers all bases with a full range of programmes. It can dry your woollens, delicates, mixed fabrics, and our favourite – anti-iron.

The Siemens lets you know when you need to change your filter and the empty the water tank – so you don’t need to waste time checking these at every cycle.

As we all know, the worst task of all is ironing…

So let’s see what is re hot from the Siemens:

  • A++ Energy Efficiency – cannot beat this for your energy bills
  • 8kg drum size – huge amount of drying capacity
  • Child-lock
  • Interior Light – don’t forget those socks in the drum!
  • 24-hour cycle delay – so you can plan when the dryer starts and stops
  • Programmes available – including a 40-min quick cycle
  • Soft Drying drum – this prevent creases and tangling of clothes
  • Warnings for filter & water change
  • Anti-vibration design

Is there anything that is a little damp with the Siemens?

  • Price tag – £800 is a lot of money to pay for a tumble dryer. This is the most expensive product on our best tumble dryer 2019 list

2. Beko DTBP7001W – Cheapest Heat-Pump Tumble dryer 2019

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

BEKO BEko Beko…

No, that isn’t some odd spelling mistake – it is the echoing of Beko, which is found in every great product list for any kitchen appliance. It certainly doesn’t surprise us that they have produced another top quality product which is high on our best tumble dryer 2019 list.

This one is a heat-pump tumble dryer, but as always, the high Beko quality, comes at such a low cost compared to the rest of the market! Unbeatable…

The Beko DTBP7001W gives you the cutting edge of energy efficiency in laundry, with the heat pump technology. So the hot air used to dry your clothes, is recycled – which gives the tumble dryer a A+ energy efficiency. Which, until recently has bene unheard of…

The price of this, under £300…

Yes, under £300.

Compare that to the £800 price tag of the Siemens, and it is almost ridiculous. There is another heat pump tumble dryer further down the list which is double this price!

So, does the Beko just offer the best technology?


The Beko is just as quiet as the Siemens – meaning this appliance isn’t going to sound like a jet is taking off in your kitchen…

The other neat feature (neat being the key word), is that the dryer has an anti-crease spin. Which to break it down, means: the cycle goes in reverse for a minute after the drying is done. This prevents the clothes inside being all tangled up and reduces creasing!

Big Win! That means less time being Edna Turnblad and more time being like Tracy (minus the hair).

Not only this…

Ohhh no…

The Beko also has a sensor-drying system. What is this? Hold on, hold on…

A sensor-drying system constantly measures the humidity and temperature within the drum, along with the types of cycle you have set the cycle too. It will then turn off, if the drum gets too hot for synthetics or will heat up with linens… This means not only do you get ruined/shrunken clothes (I am sure some clumsy one will manage it though) but you save money with energy bills. Only the correct amount of energy is used for drying the clothes, with no extra used!

Excellent for the tree hugging vegans!

So, let’s see what got the Beko to the number two spot on the best tumble dryer 2019 list:

  • Unbelievably cheap for the technology – available for under £300
  • Heat Pump Technology – we’ve covered this, its awesome!
  • The condenser tank can get fitted to your main drains – so you never have to change the tank… You do not have to do this though
  • Programmable drying – for jeans, quick dry, cottons & synthetics
  • 65Db in noise – joint 2nd quietest in our best tumble dryer 2019 list
  • Drum size is decent – 7kg
  • A+ energy efficiency
  • Anti-crease reverse action
  • Sensor drying technology

No is more no, than Beko?

  • The delay-time for drying is only for 9-hours… Sure this isn’t the worst thing, but there had to be some negatives!
  • No child lock

3. Samsung DV80K6010CW – Top 3 of the best tumble dryers 2019

Here comes the Samsung…

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

What best appliance list doesn’t include a Samsung?


The Samsung is the last of the heat-pump technology in our best tumble dryer 2019 list. They had to stop somewhere eh.

It has the brilliant and inventive heat-pump technology, which we have determined is gonna save you money on your energy bills, with a A++ energy efficiency rating. Nobody can complain at lower energy bills!

Have a feeling that all current appliance break to soon and just after the warranty?

Samsung have created the ‘Smart-check’ app to help with this…

The app links to the machine and tells you if there is any fault it can detect with the machine. This is like the machine that tests for your MOT. This means you could find a way to fix it, without giving up altogether and throwing it away.

Andy from R&D had to throw a recent tumble dryer out after just 18 months, because it had broken. It was probably the heating element, but why waste time, money and effort in trying when buying a new tumble dryer is easier?

Don’t be like Andy…

Get the Samsung Smart-check.

The Samsung’s price is on the higher end of the range – around £600. This is to be expected when buying such a huge brand, but there are cheaper tumble dryer out there – check out the Beko above.

Sensor drying is really what sets the top machines from the others. Even if you do not go with one of the tumble dryers on our list, then make sure you go for one with sensor drying. This stops or at least reduces the chances of you shrinking your clothes.

No more XL T-shirts going in and XS T-shirts coming out!

So let’s see what we think is great about this machine:

  • A++ Energy Efficiency
  • 14 programmes for drying – including Wrinkle-free or quick dry
  • Notification for water tank or filter changes
  • Heat-pump technology – save on those bills people!
  • Drying can be set to a particular time
  • Child Lock
  • 65dB in noise – joint 2nd quietest in our best tumble dryer 2019 list
  • Sensor drying
  • 8kg drum size – you can try to get a bigger drum size, but not many are

What is more North Korea and less South Korea for the Samsung tumble dryer?

  • Price – available for around £600 – 2nd most expensive on the best tumble dryer 2019 list

4. Candy CSC8DF-80–Best Condenser Tumble Dryer 2019

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

(Please excuse the Americanism, but it has to be done)

Everybody loves candy!

No, not the Robbie Williams song, please don’t remind yourself and play it on YouTube… It’s terrible.

Yes, the tumble dryer… That’s what Candy everyone loves…


Ok – everyone may like sweets more than a tumble dryer, but we tried!

As you may have guessed from the title, this is the first condenser tumble dryer in our list, we think this one is the best condenser tumble dryer you can get your hands on. There are some very good reasons too!

The Candy has an enormous D…


With a whopping 8kg, so you have less drying loads to do… Saving you time, energy and money!

The Candy is fully programmable, this is including the easy-iron or woollen programmes or using the ‘Smart Touch’ technology. This ‘smart touch’ enables you to control your tumble dryer from your phone!

How brilliant…

Now Cinderella can go to the ball and still dry the clothes for the ugly step sisters… She just needs to remember to take her iPhone wherever she goes!

Joking aside, being able to turn your tumble dryer on and off with your phone is pretty impressive. It means that you will barely forget to have dry cycle on when you leave.

The Candy also has the ever important – sensor drying technology. The game hasn’t changed since the last tumble dryer, but it is key to have a constant review of the air temperature and moisture inside the drum. This gets your clothes dry without shrinking or ‘over-drying’, and it also saves you money on your energy bills. Double delight!

Let’s get into the feature list that makes you want to shout, ‘I want Candy!’:

  • Price – £200 – Unbelievable price for such a quality tumble dryer
  • Water and Filter sensor – tells you when either of these needs changing
  • Smart Touch controls – remote drying
  • Sensor Drying Technology
  • Fully Programmable – cottons, easy-iron

So, what is more burnt caramel than milk chocolate:

  • Energy Efficiency – B – This is nowhere near as good as the heat-pump technology tumble dryers
  • Noise – 69dB – one of the noisiest on the best tumble dryer 2019 list

We think the Candy at £200 is one of the most value-for-money tumble dryers you will be able to get your hands on. This is packed with great features and at this low price, will be tough to beat

5. Hoover DXC9TCGB – Biggest on our Best Tumble Dryer 2019 List (For drum size)

From the company who changed the word from vacuum cleaning, to ‘Hoovering’…

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

Fun fact for you!

This tumble dryer isn’t going to start cleaning up your kitchen – otherwise it would 100% be at number 1.

What it means is that we have a quality company, with quality engineering and design, creating you a high end – quality tumble dryer.

This is a condenser dryer, which means the water tank will need to be changed regularly.

The Hoover definitely deserves it’s place on our best tumble dryer 2019 list! It has a lot of great features what you would expect being in our top 5. Don’t worry we also have the link for the white one in the picture here.

The first is the OneTouch App that the hoover tumble dryer has, it is similar to the Candy in that you can control the Hoover with your smart phone. So, you can go to the ball!! This means that you can set multiple spins for those who like to only use short cycles on the dryers, without being at home.

As with all top-quality tumble dryers, the Hoover has the sensor drying technology… No more too short jumpers or ruined T-shirts! The Hoover constantly measures the moisture levels and the temperature to ensure there is no shrinkage or ‘over-drying’. The other advantage is you pay less in energy bills!

Who can complain at that??

The Hoover is fully programmable and includes a 30-min quick dry feature. Which we love as you can save even more with this quick dry, even having 2 cycles is quicker than have a long one!

Not only this, but it sports a 9kg drum size… Which in all honesty, is the biggest you will get for a commercial/non-industrial product.

Let’s see what makes Hoover so great:

  • Child-lock
  • 14 different Programmes available – cottons, woollens, shirts
  • Timer count-down – showing how long is left for the cycle
  • Water tank and filter change notifications
  • One-Touch app, meaning you have control of your tumble dryer from your home
  • Reverse action cycle – reduces creases
  • Sensor Drying technology
  • 9kg Drum – huge capacity
  • Price – Available for around £280-£300

So why should Hoover have stuck to vacuum cleaners?

  • Energy Efficiency – B – This is nowhere near as good as the heat-pump technology tumble dryers
  • Noise – 68dB – one of the noisiest on the best tumble dryer 2019 list

6. Bosch WTE84106GB – Top Quality Tumble Dryer

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

Bish, Bash, Bosch?

You’ve probably heard of Bosch, so I won’t go into much detail. I will let you in on a secret (it’s really not a secret), they’re German…

Being German, that means the engineering and design of the tumble dryer will be brilliant.

No clichés here then.

What Bosch have in this tumble dryer is a ‘well-oiled’ machine. It is a condenser dryer, which means you’ll have to change to water tank every so often. But don’t worry, the Bosch will tell you exactly when this needs to be done.

With it being so well designed, it makes no surprise that it has an ‘anti-vibration’ design.

Woooooo… Fancy!

This means that the tumble dryer does not move/vibrate as much as others. As we all know, it is the vibration of the tumble dryers which makes them noisy. So the Bosch is quieter and it’s prone to running off (we’ve all seen it when the washing machine tries to make a run for it).

The noise levels from the Bosch tumble dryer is 66dB, which in fairness is average on our best tumble dryer 2019 list… Not that efficient eh?

Yes, it’s that time again…

Sensor drying.

They all have it, but it’s such a key feature for any tumble dryer to have, we feel it must be repeated for each machine. The Bosch is able to figure out how much moisture should be inside the drum and what temperature the drum should be at. The tumble dryer turns itself off when the clothes are dry enough… You guessed it, this saves you money on your energy bills – plus it prevents any shrinking or ‘over-drying’ of your clothes.

How great is German engineering, let’s see just how great:

  • 12 Programs for drying – cotton, cupboard dry, anti-crease feature
  • Sensor-Drying technology
  • Anti-vibration design – reduces the noise and movement of the tumble dryer
  • Water tank and filter change notification
  • 7kg drum – decent size

What could have been better?

  • Price – £320 – This is a little more expensive than the other condenser dryers on our list
  • Noise 66dB – considering it has anti-vibration technology… We expected it to be quieter
  • Energy Efficiency – B – This is nowhere near as good as the heat-pump technology tumble dryers, but to be expected with a condenser dryer

7. Hotpoint FETV60CP – Best Vented Tumble Dryer 2019

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

Oh, how the old fade into the distance…

Sure we get nostalgic when we see the plastic tubing coming out of the back of the tumble dryer of times gone by.

But Hotpoint has tried to put the spice back into the vented tumble dryers.

This tumble dryer has the reverse tumble action, which means it spins backwards towards the end of the cycle. This reverse spin prevents creases and reduces our ironing load!

If there is something we love, it is the sound of less ironing.

Have you ever wondered where all the fluff comes from?

It is mind-boggling what you find in the rim of a tumble dryer…

Fluff, socks, coins, grandma…

Hotpoint has added their own fluff filter and indicator, which means there is more fluff captured within the filter and the tumble dryer tells you when there is too much fluff!

 Why get a vented tumble dryer?

The main benefit is the price – the Hotpoint can be available for around £170, making it one of the cheapest tumble dryers 2019.

Shall we see what is hot with the Hotpoint:

  • Anti-tangle technology – reduces the chance of having a tangled ball of clothes
  • Full programmable – cottons, synthetics
  • You can set the specific time the dryer is on for
  • Anti-fluff filter & indicator
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Reverse-Action Tumble Drying
  • Cheap – Available for around £170

What is not so hot:

  • C energy efficiency – going to add more money onto the energy bills compared to heat-pump or condensers
  • Noise – 69 dB – One of the loudest on our best tumble dryer 2019 list!
  • Does not have sensor-drying technology
  • Requires vent – this means it must be attached to an outside wall

8. White Knight C44A7W– Most Bought Tumble Dryer on Amazon!

Best Tumble Dryer 2019

The knight in shining armour!

Although it is down in last place on our best tumble dryer 2019 list… But that doesn’t mean this is a shabby machine.

First of all – it is the most popular tumble dryer on Amazon. Being the most bought! Don’t forget, the customer is always right… So this must be ticking a lot of boxes.

The White Knight is a vented tumble dryer, which does mean it needs to be attached to an outside wall. Or window, if you’re going old school!

So why is it the most bought?

The White Knight tumble dryer has reverse cycle drying – which means the drum goes in reverse towards the end of the cycle. What does this achieve?

Well, you clothes do not get wrapped up into a tight ball. Which reduces creases and tangling.

Can we get an AMEN on the reduced ironing!

The other thing we loved about the White Knight, is just how quiet it is… It produces 62dB due to its quiet cycle technology. Which makes it the quietest tumble dryer 2019! This allows you to eat your dinner in peace… Ahhh Bliss.

So let’s get into the features which is chivalrous like a knight?

  • Cheap – Available for around £170
  • Most bought on Amazon – meaning other customers love this too
  • Final cool spin – meaning your clothes do not over-heat
  • Reverse cycle drying – reducing creases and ironing!
  • Quiet cycle – meaning it is the quietest tumble dryer on the list
  • Includes a 140 minute timer

What makes you want to vent in frustration:

  • Vented – so must be close to an outside wall
  • Only 2 heat settings
  • Not programmable
  • Does not have sensor-drying technology
  • C energy efficiency – going to add more money onto the energy bills compared to heat-pump or condensers

That is all of our best tumble dryers 2019… That’s all she wrote on those. If you feel like there is a machine that deserves to be on the list, or even if you want advice on a product, please give us a shout!

Just because it didn’t make the best tumble dryer 2019 list, doesn’t mean it doesn’t do the job!