Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Review

Best instant boiling water taps 2017 – Buyer’s guide & review

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Waiting for the kettle to boil sometimes feels like it can take forever. And, when it does, most of the time you’ve not even got enough water in there to fill the pan.

But there is a simple solution to these problems: Instant boiling water taps.

By giving you boiling hot water at the touch of button you’re able have a cup of tea, make pasta or boil eggs in a third of the time.

However, investing in one of these taps can be a confusing process. Because they’re a new invention, and there is no ‘industry standard’, it’s hard to know what to choose.

Well that stops now.

In this article LargeKitchenAppliance’s are going to show you the best instant boiling water taps 2017, making your decision as easy as possible…

Time is money, so we’ve given you a handy list of the rankings here, if you want a more in-depth review click on each link to go to the individual review:

Rank Name Litre Capacity Check the price
1 Franke Omni 1190380520 4L
2 GROHE 30058000 4L
3 Quooker Pro3vaq Fusion 3L
4 Zip Hydro HT1006 1.8L
5 CDA TH100CH 2.4L
6 Perrin & Rowe 1912CP 2.4L
7 Redring REDITAP 2L
8 Insinkerator 3N1  HC1100C 2.5L
9 Zen Solo 100°C 3L
10 DBS HKT01C 2.3L



  1. Franke Omni 1190380520 – Best Instant Boiling Water Tap 2017
    • Water type – Boiling, hot, cold & filtered water

Franke - Best Instant Boiling Water Tap 2017The Franke Omni 4-in-1 tap definitely has an appropriate name… Why? It is the best currently and of all time. We’re giving it a Frank Sinatra comparison…

It has everything that you would want, and of course it does it in its own way

When we dive into what the Franke Omni offers, it pretty clear that it gives the most. First of all the perfect hot drink… Ahhhhhhh.

You can make the perfect cup of tea. Why? This is because the tank produces slightly more than 100C water which means it is 100°C exactly when it comes out of the tap (usually this is around 97°C). Someone somewhere has researched it and 100°C exactly creates the best cup of tea.

Are you a lefty or righty?

Either flies with the Franke Omni.

You will benefit from the choice of left or right hand operation basis. The small details set it apart. Ergonomically designed to support both left hand or right hand usage.

The tank is huge too… Not quite to a-Jupiter and Mars , but a 4L capacity matched with a 2L draw-off before the temperature drops certainly takes it to the moon. This is important for you because you are unlikely to have to wait around for the tank to heat up again.

We have put together a few pros and cons for the Franke Omni. Take a look and see what we thought scored highly

So why else did the Franke Omni 1190380520 make it to be our number one in the best instant boiling water taps 2017?


  • Child-lock – No nasty accidents for the little ones
  • Anti-splash – prevents any scolding
  • Light shows when filter needs to be changed
  • Filters cost £40 – this is cheap compared to the others
  • Easy installation and expected 2 hours from start to first cup of water…
  • Recovery time is 10 minutes

Before we hit the cons, we want to finish the Pros by saying something stupid like… Franke we love you!


  • Filter lasts 9 months – this could be a little longer
  • Around £1000

If you like the fantastic features of the Franke, you should buy it, because it will be the best tap you ever buy!

  1. Groche 30058000 – Best instant boiling water tap under £900

    • Water type – Boiling, cold, hot, filtered

Groche - Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017As you would expect, a big name like Grouche is going to contribute to this growing appliance area.

The Groche 30058000 has made it onto our list. In fact, in terms of value for money… The Groche is probably the best out there. If the £1000 price tag of the Franke is a little too high, then the Groche is the one for you.

It has a lot of neat features and pretty much everything the Franke offers. The Grouche is also a lot cheaper too…

So what are we talking about! Why is this not number one, of the best instant boiling water taps 2017?

Well, the main thing about these taps is the filters… Although the Grouch gives you double filtered water, this means double in upkeep for the filters. The filter gives you fantastic tasting water, and the Grouche doesn’t let you know that the filter is knackered.

So, you have to taste the water that doesn’t taste great before you know to change the filters!

That being said, this tap offers a lot!! The filters remove limescale and has a unique carbon remover, which is what makes the water taste so refreshing.

LargeKitchenAppliances loves to give you the filtered specs to show the positives and negatives… Here are the great tasting parts:

  • Childproof lock – prevents any unwanted scolds
  • CoolTouch – the taps stays cool, even when things are getting hot hot hot
  • 180C turn
  • Comes in 4 or 8L tanks
  • Around £600 – (40% cheaper than Franke)
  • Double filtered water – Carbon and Limescale is removed from the water, so its crisp and its fresh
  • 3L available at any one time… Huge run-off

When the filters fail, the water doesn’t taste quite as nice… Lets see the parts of the Grouche which don’t taste as great:

  • Double filters equals double the upkeep – £80 per filter too
  • Have to taste water for the filter to be changed
  • 15 minutes recovery time

The Groche will not let you down and will be a great addition to your kitchen, because it fits all the bills of a fantastic instant boiling water tap, but saves you the dollar bills in it’s price tag.

  1. Quooker Pro3vaq Fusion – Most famous of the Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017

    • Water type – Boiling, hot, cold, filtered

Quooker - Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017Quooker… Q U O O K E R… Quooker (Pronounced cooker).

If you were expecting this to not make the list, you’re more cuckoo than Quooker.

The Pro-vaq range is of the highest quality. There is very little that they do not have, in terms of features and very little that isn’t great about them.

Quooker have their own filters called HiTAC. This filter purifies the water and makes it taste sublime. We would offer a blind taste test too… We think you’d choose the Quooker.

But you don’t only choose your tap on taste. You choose this on the look. The Pro-vaq gives you a massive range of styles. We’re talking square spout, round spout and even different tap heads. This versatility allows you to match your tap to you… Think of the different dogs and owners in 101 Dalmatians (don’t worry, you’re the owners and the taps are the dogs).

The Quooker isn’t quite the best instant hot water tap 2017. There are a few things that could have been better, like a filter change alert, anti-splash and a bigger capacity (There is a 7L capacity available though).

Regardless of these the Quooker Pro3vaq fusion is high quality and highly regarded here at Large Kitchen Appliances. In the usual fashion, let’s have a look at what puts the Pro in Pro3vaq:

      • Child-lock – no nasty surprises for youngsters
      • 360 Degree movement
      • HiTAC filter included
      • HiTAC filter lasts 3-5 years too – so you save money on the upkeep costs
      • Light shows when tap is heating water or when boiling water is being used
      • Massive variety in styles –Round – Brushed Chrome; Square – Chrome; Basic – Square and Classic – Chrome
      • The tap is Insulted – so you cannot burn yourself on the tap
      • The height can be adjusted to reduce splash, however we do not have an anti-splash
      • Available in 7L form – Huge tank size, one of the biggest of the best instant boiling water taps 2017

What is more Whack than Pro-vaq:

      • £1000 cost – quite expensive
      • HiTAC filter is only available through Quooker – you cannot order from Amazon and save money
      • No filter change alert – so you have to taste the water to know if the filter needs changing

If you are looking for the high-end quality at a lower price, we have managed to find the best deal you will ever get on a Quooker. If you do not get this not at the sale price of £700, you will never get it this cheap again…

Zip Hydro - Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017With the Zip, the story of the ugly duckling comes to mind.

First you look and think, ‘nope, not for me’. See you later, alligator. In a while, crocodile. Time to go, Zip Hydro…

But then, after testing… Wow.

After spending a little more time with it, you start to enjoy it. The more you enjoy, the more you feel… It’s like that slightly average looking guy who captures your heart with laughter and fun.

It has some amazing features. It has a touchpad control system… So you feel like your water is being dispensed from a vending machine (without the chance of the extra free can of Coke).

The filter is great, not only for the taste it gives… But it lasts 10,000L (!), unless you have a pet elephant who enjoys instant hot water or filtered water I think you should be fine with this for a while.

The HT1006 is relatively cheap and is available for around £500… But you do not have to price-quality trade off, as you still benefit from the best safety features such as child-lock and temperature control. Which is an essential if you have or plan to have little hands using the tap.

So why is it only 4th in our best instant boiling water taps 2017 list?

Well for one, we are talking top top top quality in the top 3.

But the HT1006 is a miniboil version of the Zip Hydro (1.8L capacity)… And boys, we’ll let you in on a secret. Size actually does matter.

Of the tank

The size of the tank matters… Get your minds out of the gutter.

Anyway, let’s see what the Zip Hydro HT1006 does well with its small parts:

      • Touchpad control – giving you greater control of the water temperature at a push of a button
      • Safety lock for boiling water (child-proof) – no unexpected burns
      • Lights show when filter needs changing
      • Light shows when tank is ready
      • Around £700


      • Cannot turn the tap – stationary
      • Only 1.8L – not a great capacity compared to others in our best instant boiling water taps 2017 list
      • Filter costs up to £150 – expensive for a filter which increases your upkeep costs

Although the Zip Hydro only has a small tank, it deserves its best among the best instant boiling water taps 2017.

CDA - Best Instant Boiling Water Tap 2017There was a lot of debate about the positioning of 5th and 6th on our list… It took a rock, paper, scissors contest to decide.

As rock beats scissors, the CDA wins.

The CDA TH100CH is of high quality. One of the many features the TH100CH has is the water filter. Having a water filter gives you that little bit extra. As all instant boiling water taps provide you with the advantage of, wait for it… Instant hot water, you want a little bit of class.

Nothing says class more than filtered water without having a Britta (other water filters are available).

So the CDA has the filtered water, great tasting water. Brill, is that it?


The CDA is also quick. Richard Branson should have chosen this tap to compare his super fast broadband. How can a tap be quick? Of course it doesn’t move about, and I don’t mean the water pressure either. The heat up time.

The CDA only takes 8 minutes to heat up its full tank. This is the quickest instant boiling water available on the market. So if you’re a speed demon, the CDA is the one for you. The CDA also can produce 1.25L of boiling water before any reduction in temperature. That’s about 10 cups of tea…

There are some features which make the CDA more Justin Gatlin than Usain Bolt. Gatlin is the infamous drugs cheat… Although it is hard to argue against Gatlin’s greatness. We think the CDA could be more Bolt by having a child-lock function or insulated piping for a cool touch.

Features which gets the CDA quick out of the blocks:

      • 170 Degree rotation of the tap
      • 8 minutes tank heat-up time – the quickest recovery time on the list
      • 25L boiling water supply without affecting the temperature
      • 4L tank – this is a decent enough size for any household
      • Filtered boiling, hot and cold water – always great tasting water

What hurdles will you need to get over? (Not the same event as the sprinters named… But would you really know who Dayron Robles is)

      • £600 – not that expensive but compare it to the Groche 30058000
      • No child-lock
      • The pipes are not insulated to prevent a hot spout
      • No Olympic Gold Medal – which you do need to be the best instant boiling water taps 2017…


Perrin & Rowe - Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017If safe and sound is what you want, you may want to pay a little attention to the next few paragraphs.

The Perrin & Rowe 1912CP provides you some good features and it safe whilst being reasonably priced… What does great features and a cheap-ish price make you, cheerful! Exactly.

This instant boiling water tap, has some great features. Which makes it a good shout for the most value for money. First and foremost is the filter. The water filter ensure you have great tasting water for all occasions.

The Perrin and Rowe has been available on the cheap previously, but our latest research shows it as a little more expensive… OK, OK we’re getting there.

The Perrin and Rowe comes at a steaming hot £750. This used to be £250 (sucks to be late to the party right).

Of course we used to advise you to get 4 of these in your kitchen… however with the current prices you can get a Quooker for the same price, or even save £200 and get a Groche…

The Perrin & Rowe (or P&R as the cool kids call it) comes with some nice safety features (Oh safety man Jonathon loved this). You have an anti-spit design which prevents any random boiling water hitting you in the face. Plus the tap is insulated, so you won’t remove skin off your hand if you accidently touch the tap whilst it is on.

The 1912CP Also has a decent capacity, the 2.4L tank even lets you control the exact temperature the water is heated to. Although the tank can only provide 98°C water, instead of that all-important 100°C for a perfect cup of tea.

Lets check out what’ hot and what’s not for the Perrin & Rowe:


      • Filtered water – great tasting cold water
      • Anti-splash
      • Anti-scold
      • Temperature control – you can select any temperature between 75-98°C


      • Filter only lasts 6 months – this means frequent filter changes
      • Filter is difficult to source
      • Doesn’t provide 100C water
      • Only 90 degree turning ability – low for a C-Spout tap
      • £750 is a lot when comparing it to it’s lowest price of £250


Redring - Best Instant Boiling Water Tap 2017Y’alll REDITAP for this…

If you don’t like Space Jam, just leave. But before you do, read this ‘out of this world’ tap.

The REDITAP by Redring is all in all average. I know that’s not exactly screaming ‘buy me, buy me’, but hey… We don’t work for Redring, and if they didn’t want us to say it – don’t create an average tap.

One thing that is also average, is the price. You do get a fairly decent tap at a fairly good price!

The one good thing about the REDITAP is the tank availability… Sexy right! With an availability of 75% of the capacity you know the tank is well made and the insulation is great. This is a massive advantage as you can draw off more water than others, and never lose heat.

The capacity of the REDITAP is only 2L, which is nothing to shout about. But they do say, it’s not how big it is… It’s what you do with it. Putting this to the test, The REDITAP has a 1.5L draw off availability without losing heat, whereas the CDA TH100CH has a 20% bigger tank, and has 17% less water readily available! Kudos Redring, Kudos.

Another thing to shout about with this is that a better insulated tap means you will save more in energy bills… Which is always a mini fist pump moment.

Redring have given you the all-important safety features of the child-lock. Which we at LargeKitchenAppliances think is a must. You won’t get any wondering little hands turning on the boiling water and getting scolded. Another great safety feature is the insulated tap, this insulation prevents the tap from getting hot when the water is on… Making it even more safer for human use.

The one main feature, or lack thereof which lets the REDITAP down is the filtered water. Without a filter, you do not benefit from the great tasting water. We think this is pretty important – no filter, no fantastic water. You may have noticed that filtering is a popular feature in the best instant boiling water taps 2017… Maybe just once?

Maybe we’re water snobs… But whatever, you stick to your horrible hard water if you want while we drink water nicer than a sunny day in the Lake District!

Ok, so you don’t get filtered water, you still get your boiling, cold and mixed (hot and cold) through this tap. Meaning you have a stylish tap which would just look like a normal tap, but can provide instant boiling water. Saving you space in your kitchen (no kettle) and potentially a few ‘wows!’ from your guests.

Let’s see what makes the REDITAP more Joe Frazer than Joe Bloggs:

      • Cool Touch Technology – Always good to have a cool touch
      • Child-lock
      • 75% of tank available before temperature drops
      • Reasonably priced – around £500
      • Indication shows when heating is on


If it’s not John Travolta, it must be John Doe (The American equivalent to Joe Bloggs)


      • Tank size is only 2L – Not the most impressive compared to our other best instant boiling water taps 2017
      • No filtered water


Insinkerator - Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017On name alone… Insinkerator has to be the best instant boiling water tap 2017. How can you not enjoy a tap which sounds like it is a prequel to a Arnold Schwarzenegger film?

Although this tap isn’t going to come back in a number of years to try and destroy anyone, or then come back again to save someone from that destroyer… Of course, we can’t 100% promise this (which definitely adds to the excitement).

But without advocating extra poor quality prequels/sequels of The Terminator, the HC1100C has a filter included. This means that you benefit from great tasting water as well as having access to instant boiling water. Definitely worth the risk on future world-ending termination.

The filter for the Insinkerator isn’t too expensive either. That’s always a positive… Low upkeep costs are always good. The filters can be found for around £45 which is slightly cheaper than other filters.

The other major positive about the Arnold Schwarzenegger of instant boiling water taps is the price. It is available for under £400. This is pretty good for a filtered water tap – especially when even the boiling water is filtered. Add that to a 2.5L run-off capacity, and you have a top quality product. We have calculated that you have access to 100 cups of tea per hour…

100 cups per hour! Surely even the Queen herself would struggle to drink that much tea.

There are some quality-price trade-offs with the Insinkerator HC1100C, however lets see what is more Terminator 2…

      • Provides both boiling water and cold water
      • Filtered water – A real mainstay feature in our 10 best instant boiling water taps 2017
      • Reasonable price at under £400
      • Cheap filters – so low upkeep costs
      • Huge tank availability

So what is more Terminator Genisys than Terminator 2:

      • No child lock
      • Only a 2.5L tank
      • No anti-scold
      • There is no warning when the filter needs changing


Zen Solo - Best Instant Boiling Water Tap 2017The Zen Solo 100°C sounds like it could bring you ‘peace of mind’ and inner tranquillity. Which, if you’re looking for an instant boiling water tap, may it does… If you’re looking for ‘Pilates with Paula’, then probably not – you’ve found the wrong blog!

This is for water taps, not yoga mats…

Side note gone. The Zen Solo is one hell of a treat. We enjoyed a lot of this tap and it provides a lot too. But if you haven’t seen it yet, there is a massive disadvantage with the Zen Solo. I’ll give you a few seconds to try and figure it out…

The clue is in the name, Solo.

I’m sure you got it… The Zen Solo 100°C can only provide you with one water type. Instantly boiling water. Which probably isn’t a surprise. But it doesn’t give you that all-round tap feature of the rest of the high-quality taps on our list.

If you went for the Zen Solo you would need two taps in your kitchen. Which if you are in the catering industry will not be a problem. For the young couple in a cute cottage, this may well not be the best for you.

But let’s check out what this one-trick pony does.

It has some neat safety features – including an insulated heat pad on the handle. This prevents the tap from getting too hot, and burning yourself (think of picking up a kettle after it has just boiled, ouch!). That insulation isn’t just around the handle, it is throughout the piping… This makes the water is 100°C when it leaves the tap. The clue was in the name, but what does that mean?

It means a perfect cup of tea… You’ve got to love an instant perfect cup of tea, or coffee.

The Zen Solo 100°C also has that tranquillity you may have been looking for – Paula, get the yoga mats back out! It has an indication light which tells you that the tap is ready for use. This is pretty cool and gives it that extra bit of class.

One little feature for the savers… The Zen Solo is part psychic. Yes, it can read your mind.

Ok, maybe not so. But it estimates when your water consumption is going to be less and during this time is runs at a lower level. This means that the tap saves you a bit of money on your energy bills too. Of course, the tap would still be ready for a cup of boiling water should you need a 3am coffee.

The price of the Zen Solo is pretty good too! It is available for around £550… Which is fantastic value for a top 10 instant boiling water tap. The Zen Solo is also available in a 6L version also.

Lets check out what’s hot about the Zen Solo 100°C:

      • Sleep mode – making it even more energy efficient – definitely a great feature for the best instant boiling water taps 2017
      • Shows you when it is ready or still heating up – LED lights
      • Quick heat-up time – 14 mins to heat up 3L of water
      • Insulated heat pad – no nasty burns
      • 6L alternative
      • 360 swivel – the most flexible in our best instant boiling water taps 2017 list
      • Insulated piping so the water is 100°C

As with all psychics, there are some points which don’t add up…

      • You can only have boiling water – no cold water
      • No filtered water available
      • No child lock


DBS - Best Instant Boiling Water Taps 2017

The last product in our best instant boiling water taps 2017 list… Ohhh we have some drama.

The DBS on paper sounds terrific, and it was of real hope to be a quality product. Instead we felt slightly cheated with the water temperature. We will get to the deception and betrayal later, and get to why the DBS ticks a lot of the right boxes.

The DBS has filtered water meaning you will have that fresh and refreshing taste that all filtered water has. The filters are pretty impressive too. There is a triple threat against particles.

You have anti-metal, anti-Carbon and anti-bacteria… So you really have the purest water on the street. Quick, invite Janice from next door for a brew to show off.

The DBS is as safe as the name suggests (safeguarding joke…), it has a child-lock (fitting the name) so you are protected against unexpecting burns of the little ones. Perfect!

What else is so good then LKA?

Well… The price…

At around £300, you are getting high quality water and decent safety features! What more could you want?

Hotter water?

Yes… We were a little shocked at the water temperature when it was in the cup! It was reaching the cup at 88°C, not quite as boiling as we would want. However, We have been told that for coffee users, you do not want boiling water (!). So maybe this isn’t such a betrayal as first thought.

Maybe we are being a little bit harsh, but hey – it’s our prerogative and here is the list of what is hot enough for our approval:

      • Filtered water available – mmm great taste
      • Multi-function filters in one – only need one replacement
      • Child Lock – A mainstay for the best instant boiling water taps 2017
      • 180° rotation for flexibility
      • Cheap! Around £300
      • Filter is available for around £50

What might make your blood boil?

      • 3L capacity isn’t that great, and no extended version
      • 88°C water temperature – not quite boiling

 If money is a limiting factor, take advantage of the cheapest instant boiling water tap of high quality on the market currently! £300-£350 is a bargain and you don’t want to miss it!

We have come to the end of the best instant boiling water taps 2017! What a fun ride that was… Please collect your pictures at the desk.

Of course, our list of best instant boiling water taps is purely independent and you may well disagree with us. If you do, we would love to hear from you! If you have any comments, good or bad (maybe even ugly) you can contact us via our contact form. Please add the line ‘best instant boiling water taps 2017’ so we know what you are referencing to.

If you think there should be another product that should be in our list or you would like to see if we reviewed it (we more than likely did), then definitely give us a shout and we will help. You never know, we may have missed it out and it will enter into our best instant boiling water taps 2017 list.


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