Best Coffee Machine 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Best Coffee Machine 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Wake up and smell the coffee!

We want you to not only smell the coffee, but taste magnificent coffee with every cup!

Everyone has that feeling of incredible tiredness when waking from an early morning, busy day at work and deadlines!

What do we turn to?


Not the alcoholic type – the liquid gold that is coffee!

There is a lot of research going on with coffee, someone – somewhere has figured out the exact temperature and pressure required for the perfect coffee. So why not take advantage of their work…

But to do that, you will more than likely need a coffee machine. Something to control the temperature and pressure for you.

There are a lot of coffee machines out there and these range from coffee grinders to pods. Not every style is for everyone. The Baristas will want a coffee grinder, whereas those who just love the taste would be better suited to a pod machine. Keep reading below for our best coffee machine 2019 review.

Machine Name Tank Capacity Pressure Check the Price
Nespresso CitiZ and Milk by Magimax M190 1L 19 Bars Check The Price
Sage by Heston Blumenthal BES870UK the Barista Express 2L 15 Bars Check The Price
Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy 1.4L Changes with coffee type Check The Price
De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissma Touch Automatic EN550.B 1L 19 Bars Check The Price
Nespresso Inissia by Krups 0.7L 19 Bars Check The Price
De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 1.8L 15 Bars Check The Price
Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3 1.3L 15 Bars Check The Price

1 – Nespresso CitiZ and Milk by Magimax M190 – Best Coffee Machine 2019

Best Coffee Machine 2019Nestle brings more to the world than George Clooney in a terrible advert… They have created the ultimate and dominated in coffee quality from what seems the beginning of time. So it isn’t surprising that a Nespresso machine is one of the best around.

The CitiZ brings the perfect pressure of 19 bars, to create the perfect coffee to your cup. After all, this is the Nestle way – 19 bars is scientifically proven to create the best coffee… So they patented this pressure system and no-one can get close!

So, you have the prefect pressure for coffee… The CitiZ also gives you multiple options for those tired eyes or those who love a cheeky latte. The aeroccino3 is a milk frothing device, which can be used to make all sorts of coffees – lattes, cappuccinos or even hot chocolates.

In homage to the late Bruce, the price is right! £170 is a good price for a Nespresso machine and this is why we think the CitiZ brings everything to your kitchen table, and deserves a place in your home.

Storage  1 L Other Features:
Pressure system 19 Bars 40ml or 110ml sizes
Coffee Type Nespresso Pods Automatic shut-off for energy saving
Price £170 Milk frothing feature with aeroccino3

With the price of the CitiZ, it is hard to keep it off the best coffee machine 2019 list. It may not have as many functions as other Nespresso machines – but at £100 less than the De’Longhi EN550.B, it is a bargain for such a reliable and well-loved coffee machine.

If you love the features of the CitiZ, you should buy it, because it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

2 – Sage by Heston Blumenthal BES870UK the Barista Express 

Best Coffee Machine 2019Heston Blumenthal is a huge name in the kitchen. His name and reputation is clear for all to see with the BES870UK. This is probably the best on our ‘best coffee machine 2019’ list, but couldn’t make it to number 1 based on prices.

This coffee machine is for the hard coffee-lovers. So, do you see yourself as Mr Costa Coffee, or even starting your own mini coffee shop? If so, you will love it!

The BES870UK grinds your coffee beans and brings out your inner Barista – from Bean to Espresso in under 1 minute! Not only is it quick, the system is fully automatic when programmed to make the correct coffee you ordered – remember to give your name to the front desk.

The Sage has a 2L tank and supports a 15 Bar of pressure to help create the perfect latte! If you are more of an expresso person, the temperature is fully adjustable, so you don’t burn any beans… If it’s this flexibility you love, you can even change the exact dose of coffee to pretty much perfect the coffee taste.

We think this machine is a must for any budding Barista. The cost is high compared to others on our list, but this is down to the high quality of machine and the engineering involved to provide so many features to make your coffee a hobby, rather than just a drink. The price, £480…

Storage  2 L Other Features:
Pressure system 15 Bars Fully adjustable grinding– 18 settings
Coffee Type Beans Milk frothing with perfect pressure of lattes
Price £480 Temperature control

We have done just a little research and calculate that 250g of coffee beans make around 30 cups. 250g of coffee beans can be bought for around £4.00 from any supermarket.

If you fancy yourself a great cup of coffee, you should buy the Sage, because your coffee will never taste better!

3 – Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy – Best Cheap Coffee Machine 2019

Best Coffee Machine 2019It is well known that the coffee industry in split into Nestle and ‘the others’. This machine is the epitome of ‘the others’ when it comes to coffee pods! Of course, some of you will only want the pure coffee bean grinding machines. If this is you, look no further than number 2. For those who love your perfect pods, the Bosch is fantastic.

The Bosch provides a great range of pods what could be used – which include Costa coffee, Kenco and Carte Noir for example. But that isn’t it…

You get a decent 1.4L capacity, which means less filling up compared to other coffee pod machines. The Bosch has the Tassimo Intellibrew technology which means that each coffee type has been perfectly programmed with water temperature, pressure and brewing time! Bringing you the perfect coffee, whatever your preference. Bish… Bash… Bosch (Sorry it has to be said somewhere)

The water quality is also controlled with the TAS4502GB with a Britta water filter installed to provide that great tasting water in each cup!

All this… What must the price be for a Nespresso main competitor?

Less than 50% of the price. Yes…

The Bosch is available for around £70! So, if you are looking for a great Christmas present for a coffee lover, £70 is a great find! So, add this to your list of pressies for your coffee loving friend!

Storage  1.4 L Other Features:
Pressure system Changes with Coffee Type One-Touch Operation Button
Coffee Type Tassimo T-Disk Pods Britta Water Filter
Price £70 Adjustable coffee cup level

The Tassimo T-Disk Pods are available at all supermarkets and this machine can also support most Nespresso-competitor pods. The T-Disk Pods cost around £3.50 for 8 cups of coffee.

4 – De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissma Touch Automatic EN550.B

Best Coffee Machine 2019De’Longhi is a well-known Italian company which makes small kitchen appliances – it is no surprise that they make great coffee machines. We think the Lattissma Touch deserves its place on out best coffee machine 2019 list.

Other than the natural attraction of coming home to a hot Italian in your kitchen every day, the Lattissma Touch has some great features and is designed for the Nespresso coffee pods. As the Nespresso engineering has proven, you are guaranteed a fantastic cup of coffee with this choice.

The Lattissma has the iconic 19 bar of pressure and a 1 litre capacity – giving you multiple cups of coffee. The 19 bars of pressure is specially patented by Nestle to ensure their Nespresso coffee is something no-one can beat. So why the Lattissma Touch?

Ease of use – the automatic one-press functions allow you to easily select which specific coffee you want the machine to make for you! Saving you time and hassle… You will also save some money on your energy bills with the auto shut-off.

The price of the Lattissma Touch prevented it from being higher on our list of the best coffee machines 2019. With a £280 price tag, it is hard to compare this to the CitiZ – although the Lattissma Touch does have a memory function, so you can personalise how milky you want your coffee – pretty cool eh.

Storage  1 L Other Features:
Pressure system 19 Bar One-Touch Operation Button
Coffee Type Nespresso Pods Milk frother
Price £280 Programmable coffee making

5 – Nespresso Inissia by Krups – Cheap Nespresso Machine

Best Coffee Machine 2019Ok, ok – this is the last Nespresso machine on our best coffee machine 2019 list! We have put this one on here as it is the best, cheap, Nespresso machine on the market. So you get the same great tasting coffee as all Nespresso machines, at a fraction of the price!

The Inissia of course has the Nespresso certified 19 Bars of pressure! Yes, we keep piping on about the 19 Bars. But it is scientifically proven to produce the best cup of coffee and only Nestle products can produce this level of pressure, therefore it is unique to these products. The tank capacity is only 0.7L, which is the smallest capacity on our list…

Yes, this isn’t brilliant. But it still produces 9 cups of coffee without you having to refill the tank. Which isn’t too annoying, right?

We have something that will help you get over that… The price. The Inissia is £50!

Yes, £50 for a Nespresso machine – an absolute bargain.

You should 100% add this to the shopping list for anyone who is a big coffee lover. With the Inissia being for Nespresso, the pods have a huge range and even generic (Non-Nespresso) pods are available. You could pick up a non-Nespresso pod for £2.50 for 10 cups of coffee.

Storage  0,7 L Other Features:
Pressure system 19 Bar Adjustable coffee amount – small or large cups
Coffee Type Nespresso Pods Auto Shut-off system after 9 minutes
Price £50 Drip Tray

6 – De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200

Best Coffee Machine 2019Back to the beans – with the Magnifica

The Magnifica is a really good coffee machine – which includes a coffee grinder, for the fresh ground coffee taste. This is the second coffee grinding machine on our best coffee machine 2019 list, and although it is far down on our list – this is more a reflection on the price, rather than the product.

The ESAM4200 sports a 15 Bar pressure heating system, which makes the perfect latte. This is the same pressure as the Sage. The ESAM4200 has the milk frother too.

The best feature of the ESAM4200 is the adjustable controls for your coffee making. The amount of coffee bean grinded and the length of time for the brewing is totally changeable with the easy-use dials on the front. So you can make that strong espresso for those early mornings!

How about a double dose?

The ESAM4200 can produce two cups of coffee at the same time! Perfect for when you have guests or whenever you have an early start.

The ESAM4200 is available for £315 – which is the current sale price. The normal selling price is over £450! Which is why we couldn’t put it higher than the bargains above.

Storage  1.8 L Other Features:
Pressure system 15 Bar Makes 2 cups at the same time
Coffee Type Beans Coffee Bean and Brew Length Adjusting Controls
Price £315 Milk Frother

7 – Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3 – Cheapest Best Coffee Machine 2019

Best Coffee Machine 2019We have made it to 7th heaven! The Melody 3 by Krups is the final product on our list

The Dolce Gusto on the whole has less features to show off and not as much of a range with the pods available for use.

So you get a decent 1.3L capacity which means you do not have to constantly fill the tank up. The Melody 3 sports 15 bars of pressure, and with that – you get a perfect latte. This perfect coffee comes with a small price tag too…

The Melody 3 is the cheapest coffee machine on our review!

It is available for £45…

We think you need to click on the link above and purchase this – £45 for perfect coffee… Deal.

The Dolche Gusto have their own range of pods too – these are available in any supermarket for you and are available for about £4.00 for 8 pods. However, as these Dolce Gusto pods are specific for the machine – we thought it couldn’t go higher on the list!

Storage  1.3 L Other Features:
Pressure system 15 Bar Drip tray
Coffee Type Dolce Gusto Pods Adjustable settings for smaller or larger cups
Price £45 Eco Mode

We have rated these coffee machines based on their functions, price and coffee type availability/price. We hope this helps you with picking yours!

If you would like some further advice on our best coffee machine 2019 list or other reviews of coffee machines, please complete the contact form and let us know! We would love to hear from you.

Happy brewing!