Best American Fridge freezers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Best American Fridge freezers 2019 – Buyer’s guide & review

What is a kitchen without the centrepiece of an American fridge freezer?

A store room, exactly…

You’re here because you want to know what will make your tiled store cupboard into the kitchen you so well deserve. This post is a one-stop place where you can assess which American fridge freezer is best for you.

After tonnes of research, reviewing each product individually – in people’s homes & kitchen showrooms and spending time with our decibel meter (see later) LargeKitchenAppliances have managed to squeeze these giants of style into a top 10 list.

Best American Fridge Freezers 2019

Before our freezers defrost whilst reading this unnecessary ramble from us, let’s get into the top 10 list. For a more in-depth review of each product clink on the name of each one:

Name Energy rating Noise Check Price
Samsung RF56K9540SR A+ 40
Samsung RS68N8240S9 A+ 39
Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUSX4 A+ 43
LG GSM760PZXZ A++ 39
Beko ASD241 A+ 45
Hisense RS723N4WB1 A+ 43
Samsung RF24HSESBSR A+ 41
Haier HRF-628DN6 A+ 42
Samsung RS7567BHCSP A+ 39
Fridgemaster MS91518FFB A+ 43

We also have a short YouTube video which goes through our top 5 in less than a minute… For a quick review, take a look here

  1. Samsung RF56K9540SR – Best American Fridge Freezer 2019

    1. Dimensions – W908; H1825; D733
    2. Fridge space – 351L; Freezer space – 199L

Samsung - Best American Fridge Freezer 2019  It will not be a surprise to many of you to know that a Samsung product has come out on top of the best fridge freezers for 2019…

But give us 90 seconds and we can guarantee you will agree with us on this one.

This fridge freezer has it all, it benefits from a decent capacity in terms of the fridge and freezer space, a total capacity of 550L is going to provide you with a lot of storage. But let’s get down to it, the main reason the Samsung RF56K9540SR is the stand out American fridge freezer is because Samsung have created ‘Smart home app’ which goes beyond anything that you thought you could want.

This smart home app is really cutting edge technology and is only available in this range, you really cannot get this anywhere else. The smart home app gives the Samsung RF56K9540SR the ability to play your latest favourite album, watch a latest blockbuster, show you a picture of what you have in your fridge from wherever you are in the world; and last but certainly not least, it can show you the expiry dates of the produce currently in there.

We are talking total control… If this isn’t cool enough for you (excuse the pun), you probably wouldn’t fit in at our nerd table at the Christmas parties.

This feature is exceptional, there isn’t a downfall with this, to have a reminder sent directly to your phone when your strawberries are going off, is something of the future.

We would provide a full list of the features, but it would end up being longer than Gandalf’s beard (it was seriously lonely on that nerd table last year). Instead we have listed a few things which also puts the Samsung RF56K9540SR above all others for the top spot for American Fridge Freezers 2019.

  • Precise cooling – fresher fruit & veg for longer
  • Cool select + area – change fridge to freezer instantly
  • Triple cooling system so odurs do not merge
  • ‘big bin’ door – store large items e.g. gallon of milk
  • Foldable shelves for perfect optimisation of space
  • Cubed and crushed ice
  • 40 decibels – one of the quietest American fridge freezers on the market

So what are the cons for this great fridge?

  • Price – Around £3500 price tag
  • Must be plumbed, which restricts your space in the kitchen

If you are looking to have the best-selling smart fridge freezer – you should get the RF56K9540SR, because your kitchen will never be better.

  1. Samsung RS68N8240S9 – Best American Fridge freezer around £1000

    1. Dimension: W:912; H:1780; D:716
    2. Fridge space: 407L; freezer space: 210L

Best American Fridge Freezer 2019So, the Samsung RS68N8240S9 is good! I’m talking Sylvester Stallone in Rocky good (the 1976 Rocky…). This machine has everything you need in an American fridge freezer without paying too much for it.

The Samsung RS68N8240S9 is huge, it has a total capacity of 617L! The reason this is possible is because Samsung have given this fridge freezer an EcoSpace boost – this in basic terms, is thinner walls with best insulation. This gives you 100L of extra space compared to others of a similar size.

The Samsung RS68N8240S9 used multi-flow cooling systems, this means that the air flow is restricted between the freezer and the fridge. This change in airflow prevents other foods from picking other smells up – no more cheesy fridges.

This doesn’t just offer you the storage akin to that of the Grand Canyon and a cheese-free zone. Here are some features we think make this deserve its spot (nay belong) in our top 10 list:

  • Ice and water dispenser – crushed and cubed ice
  • Digital Inverter Compressor – making it quieter
  • Twin cooling plus system
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool system makes fruit and veg fresh
  • Anti-bacterial protection on shelves
  • Mark resistant
  • Huge space
  • Power failure safe storage is 10 hours (!)
  • Around £1400 – you will not get all of this for less…

As you can see, there are a lot of features with the Samsung RS68N8240S9. The Power Freeze and Power Cool systems are great features which reduces food wastage. It does this by cooling/freezing food quicker. As the food reaches the optimum storage temperature quicker,  they stay fresher, meaning your lettuce stays crunchy for longer!

Another great positive is the power failure safety storage, with a huge 10 hour’s length in time when you can go without power and not have any drop in storage temperature. This will help in any power cuts, as your fridge carries on doing its job.

What do I think isn’t too great:

  • Plumbed – restricted where you can have this

 If you love the features of the RS68N8240S9, you should buy it, not only because it is the best-selling Samsung American fridge freezer, but because it will be the best appliance you’ve ever bought.

  1. Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUSX4 – Best French style fridge freezer

    1. Dimensions W:900; H 1790; D 695
    2. Fridge space 413L; freezer space 128L

RF540ADUSX4 Best American Fridge Freezer 2019The Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUSX4 is by far the best French door – American style fridge freezer on the market. This beauty has loads of gadgets and technology which makes it a fantastic.

So why at number 3?

To be truthful, we don’t like the French door on the American style fridge freezers (we’re not overly keen on the French, in general). Joking aside, (France and…) the Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUSX4, is top quality,  and is beyond doubt is one of the best on the market.

However, The French door (which basically means the freezer door slides outwards) for the freezer dramatically reduces freezing space. For us, this prevents the Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUSX4 from being the second best on our ‘best’ list and we refuse to place it higher.

But lets focus on why this is so good – the Fisher & Paykel RF540ADUSX4 has ActiveSmart technology – this microprocessor allows the constant review of the environment and alters air flow or fan speed to provide the optimum storage for food.

Add this with multi-flow technology…

DING DING DING – you have the perfect cold storage space.

Even the salad crisper has humidity control! This technology allows the air to flow through the drawer, but it holds the correct amount of moisture. Mmm crunchy lettuce…

This triple combination is going to keep your fresh fruit and veg fresher for longer, prevent the smells of food from passing across the fridge and freezer spaces. In all, this triple-threat of technology features will mean perfect fresh food which will last longer, meaning you save money and have less wastage!

Here are other features which sets the RF540ADUSX4 above the rest of my top 10 list:

  • Water and Ice dispenser – cubed ice only
  • Huge 413L fridge space – this makes it the joint biggest refrigeration space in our top 10 American Fridge Freezer 2019 list
  • ActiveSmart, multiflow and ActiveSmart technologies
  • Sabbath mode – suitable for orthodox living
  • TouchSmart setting controls – easy to control and easy to use
  • Vastly adjustable shelves – allowing you to alter the already huge space
  • Spill safe glass – prevents spillages from spreading
  • 4 wine-sized bottle storage holder

So why is this no, as the French call it, the Crème de La Crème?

  • Abysmal 128L of freezer space -just compare this to the other best American Fridge Freezers 2019…
  • Only cubed ice available
  • Plumbed only – limited to where this can go
  • No anti-bacterial protection

 We love this product, and so do many others – you deserve to join the fast growing group of people with an amazing American fridge freezer. You should treat yourself and join the millions of people who have already made the right decision, because the RF540ADUSX4 needs to be in your kitchen.

  1. LG GSM760PZXZ – The Best American Fridge Freezer 2019 – Non-Plumbed

    1. Dimensions: W912; H 1780; D715
    2. Fridge Space: 413L; Freezer space: 262L

GSM760PZXZ - Best American Fridge Freezers 2019The LG GSM760PZXZ is the first non-plumbed American fridge freezer in our list. It is also, the first that doesn’t have a water or ice dispenser…

So why does is even worth your time I hear you ask? Well I say that’s a little egotistical of you, but please carry on reading…

Let’s move you away from the lack of ice or cold water and move you into what you buy an American Fridge Freezer for. ‘To store food in an cold or frozen environment’ Quote LargeKitchenAppliances 2019 (Don’t you dare try and steal that, we have a legal department).

The LG GSM760PZXZ has almost everything, the current Bronze Medal winner, sat at number 3 has – except for a water dispenser. The LG also holds the most food in both the fridge and the freezer sections on my list (making this the biggest one that we have reviewed). There’s so much space here you could succeed in the biblical miracle and feed the 5000, except with chilled meat and ice cream as opposed to fish and bread.

The LG GSM760PZXZ has multiflow technology and moisture balancer crisper drawer but it also has a secret drawer (its not that secret, but we love a bit of drama).

The extra/secret drawer is separated from the rest of the fridge. This is for those items you go into the fridge for regularly, such as wine, or milk or maybe some more wine. This extra drawer keeps these products separate from the main fridge and therefore the main fridge door is not opened. The benefits of this is not only more energy efficiency, it also prevents your fresh food from perishing as quickly… Did somebody mention wine??

This is a game changer, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

You save money on bills and reduce wastage of food too. Here is what else is good about the LG GSM760PZXZ and why it made the top 5 of the best American fridge freezer list 2019:

  • Huge fridge and freezer space – a proverbial boatload!
  • Multiflow and moisture balance technologies
  • LED back-lights for a better view of currently stored food
  • 39 Decibels – the joint-quietest in the list
  • Deodoriser – which prevents smells from mixing and from your fridge smelling too
  • Twist-ice maker – alternative to ice dispenser
  • LG Smart Diagnosis – if anything does go wrong – the app can transmit exactly the fault directly to an LG engineer
  • Not plumbed – so can go anywhere in your kitchen
  • Unbelievable value for money

The moisture balance technology is really impressive, this allows the fridge cavity to monitor the humidity, and control it in case it gets too humid. This allows your fresh fruit and veg to last longer, which will save you money and waste less fresh produce.

Why is the LG GSM760PZXZ not higher in the list:

  • No water dispenser
  • No microprocessor for storage conditions – therefore not all conditions monitored, only moisture levels
  1. Beko ASD241 Best American Fridge Freezer under £600

    1. Dimensions W:910; H:1790; D:720
    2. Fridge space – 364L Freezer – 190L

Beko ASD241 - Best American Fridge Freezer 2019The Beko ASD241 has made it into LargeKitchenAppliances’ top 5 – narrowly missing out on the a champions league place. Lets take a look at what the ASD241 offers to have achieved this…

This product has a lot going for it. The specs for the Beko ASD241 are good and it is also under £600… Bargain!

The Beko ASD241 is fully fitted with a duel cooling system and multiflow technology. This is just like the expensive ones. The Beko ASD241 also comes with a NeoFrost Cooling system – this is a multi-fan, multi-evaporator system which helps to control the overall humidity and freshness of the fridge.

These technologies are a mainstay in the best fridge freezers on the market, and it is easy to see why. They keep the temperature constant and makes it an optimum storage environment; which keeps your food fresher and last longer. This saves you money, but more importantly keeps your food tasting great! I can taste the crunchy pepper already!

If you want the luxury of top class American fridge freezer specifications without the hefty price tags – the Beko ASD241 is the one for you.

So lets see the total list of features which makes the Beko ASD241 in the top 5 list for 2019:

  • Additional chiller compartment – keeping your fresh meats fresh
  • EcoSmart – reducing your energy bills
  • Non-plumber – can be put anywhere in your kitchen
  • Dual cooling system, Neofrost cooling & Multi-flow technology
  • Odour filter – so no bad smells
  • Anti-bacterial shelving
  • Water dispenser

What are the downfalls of the Beko ASD241:

  • No ice dispenser – only twist ice
  • 45 decibels – the loudest reviewed so far
  • The temperature of the fridge does vary more than the other top 5 products

 This is also available in black

  1. Hisense RS723N4WC1 – the best American fridge freezer I (the nerd at the back) have owned

    1. Dimensions W912; H1766; D726
    2. Fridge space – 364L; freezer space – 192L

Hisense - Best American Fridge freezers 2019OK, OK – I admit it. There is a little bias going on with this model. I’m using my power to get this into the LargeKitchenAppliance list – there you have it a confession of a workaholic.

The Hisense RS723N4WC1 is the American fridge freezer I chose for my kitchen. Of course, I would like to say I chose the best, as only the number 1 is good enough for me…

However, that isn’t the case – I’m a simple man.

The Hisense RS723N4WC1 isn’t the best on the market, but it still is a very good machine (a bit like rocky 4, good… But it’s not quite the best one). The Hisense RS723N4WC1 is in the same category as the Beko ASD241 in terms of its features, it has dual cooling and multiflow technology – not a cheesy fridge in sight. Instead of the Neofrost Cooling system, the Hisense RS723N4WC1 has a super cool function which means food is kept cooler for longer and keeps them fresh.

The Hisense RS723N4WC1 also has super freeze function; this basically means the food added to your freezer is frozen quicker than in other freezers. This quick freezing of goods which locks in nutrition and makes you food taste better. After all, what is the point in eating frozen veg if you do not get the same nutrition as fresh veg…

To go along with this the price is around £500 – which we’re sure we can all agree, is brilliant for an American Fridge Freezer. So why else did the Hisense RS723N4WC1 make our top 10 list:

  • Water dispenser
  • Eco-energy Mode
  • Dual cooling and multiflow technology
  • Super freezer and super cool functions
  • Anti-bacterial shelves
  • Open Door alarm
  • 43 decibels – quieter than the Beko ASD241
  • Non-plumbed – so can go anywhere in the kitchen

The Hisense RS723N4WC1 is great and does have a lot of great features. However, there are better ones out there and we have noted some of the features others that we have reviewed at LargeKitchenAppliances have to offer.

So here is why the Hisense RS723N4WC1 is not higher in our best in 2019 list:

  • No Ice dispenser – only twist ice
  • Lack of additional odour prevention
  • No moisture balancing technology

It’s also available In black

  1. Samsung RF24HSESBSR – French drawer American-style fridge freezer

    1. Dimensions: W908; H1777; D788
    2. Fridge 333L; freezer space 123L

RF24HSESBSR - Best American Fridge freezers 2019The Samsung RF24HSESBSR is at 7th on our list – lucky number 7, right?

If I showed you a list of features and specifications, you would think we were wrong. It has been known to be true, but, hear us out.

This Samsung has a lot of neat things. It has a flexi-drawer where popular food stuffs can go – so the main fridge door isn’t opened as often –  which improves energy efficiency. This is akin to the fantastic ‘secret’ door feature the LG has… Was wine mentioned?

The fridge has sliding and folding shelves – this maximises the space what the fridge has. This feature really is great and it will allow you to personalise the 333L of refrigeration space. Get that Norfolk Black Turkey stuffed in there!

The Samsung RF24HSESBSR even has the most unique option for a water dispenser in our review, with the ability to dispense sparkling water… It can even support a sodastream upgrade for those who are looking to save money on fizzy drinks. Bubbling with excitement yet?

The list doesn’t stop there:

  • Dual cooling system and multiflow technology
  • Flexi-drawer
  • Quick freeze – keeping frozen nutrients locked in
  • Water and ice dispenser – cubed and crushed ice
  • Sparkling water and sodastream dispensing
  • Power failure safety 16 hours

So how can all of these great features not even break into the top 5? Here’s why:

  • Poor fridge space – 333L
  • Shocking freezer space – 123L – You’ll never fit a body in here! (joking, no bodies were hurt in the making of this jape)
  • Only 2 shelves in the freezer
  • No anti-bacterial protection
  • Expensive price tag – Around £2000

The negatives really put a downer on this product. If the freezer space was a little bigger and Samsung give this a similar design to the RSG5UCRS with its EcoSpace boost and a fresh room zone. I believe this would be pushing for a top 3 spot. Unfortunately, they have not, we believe Samsung could have done so much more – nevertheless, the Samsung RSG5UCRS is a great American Fridge Freezer and fully deserves its spot in the top 10 list.

  1. Haier HRF-628DN6 – Best Cheap American Fridge Freezer 2019

    1. Dimensions: W910; H1780; D690
    2. Fridge space 380L; freezer space 190L


HRF-628DN6 - Best American Fridge Freezer 2019The Haier HRF-628DN6 is definitely the best of the cheapest American Fridge Freezers on the market. This machine has great space – with a NET space of 570L this makes for a fantastic amount of storage space, making this a great buy.

The Haier HRF-628DN6 also has a neat cooling system which routes the air flow individually to each shelf. This keeps the freshness and coolness of the fridge uniform and also prevents odours from entering other areas of the fridge. With this technology, you won’t have the transfer of garlic smells into your yoghurts.

The Haier HRF-628DN6 also has a quick freeze feature – this means that the food placed in the freezer are brought to -20 degrees quickly and efficiently. This snap-freezer ensures that nutrients are locked into food placed in the freezer and maintains the food’s fresh taste.

The Haier HRF-628DN6 also comes with a fantastically small price tag… This is available for around £400. Making the Haier HRF-628DN6 is by far the best cheap American fridge freezer in 2019 and probably a good shout for a guest appearance on Bargain Hunt. For this amount of money and the impressive features it was hard to keep the Haier HRF-628DN6 out of the top 10.

Let’s take a look at even more features that the Haier HRF-628DN6 has to offer, these were really great to see during our review at LargeKitchenAppliances.

The other features:

  • Spill-proof shelves
  • Non-plumbed – can go anywhere in your kitchen
  • 42 decibels means it is quieter than most

As with everything that is ‘cheap’, there is a slight price-quality payoff. The HRF-628DN6 does lack some of the features others have to offer; and some of those features are mainstays in our top 10 best american fridge freezer 2019 list.

What are the limitations for such a bargain?

  • No water or ice dispenser
  • Doesn’t have a chilling compartment
  • Lack of Anti-bacteria shelving
  • No moisture control

Do you love the great quality and the even better price of the Haier, you should buy it now, because you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity.

  1. Samsung RS7567BHCSP Cheapest Samsung American Fridge Freezer 2019

    1. Dimensions – W912; H1789; D692
    2. Fridge Space 361L; freezer space 171L

RS7567BHCSP - Best American Fridge Freezers 2019

The Samsung RS7567BHCSP is way down, barely making it! This may seem a little harsh, we understand… If you have suffered from any of the issues raised here, please contact our helpline… But the reason for this is because compared to other Samsungs, the RS7567BHCSP is basic.

In terms of specifications and features it is very similar to the Beko and Hisense rated at 5 and 6 respectively. However, the Samsung RS7567BHCSP comes with an extra £300 – £400 in price.

Let’s not write this off, the Samsung RS7567BHCSP includes great features such as a water and ice dispenser than gives you crushed and cubed ice. Multiflow technology and twin cooling systems are a given too.

We cannot put this higher than others which offer more or less the same for a much smaller price. If you want to buy a quality Samsung product this is certainly that, however, alternatives are better in this category.

What is good:

  • Multiflow and twin cooling technology
  • Good freezer and fridge space
  • Crushed and cubed ice dispenser
  • Antibacterial shelving (only Samsung on the list with this!)
  • 39 Decibels – this is the joint quietest reviewed

What isn’t great:

  • No moisture control
  • No other great Samsung features
  • Plumbing is required – cannot go anywhere
  • Around £900 – that is the same price as the LG or £300 more than the Beko
  1. Fridgemaster MS91518FFB – Another cheap American Fridge Freezer

    1. Dimensions – W910; H1786; D643
    2. Fridge space 339L  Freezer space 177L

MS91518FFB - Best American Fridge Freezer 2019Just squeezing into our list of the best American Fridge Freezers 2019 is the Fridgemaster MS91518FFB.

This is another affordable and cheap American style fridge freezer option for you.

The Fridgemaster MS91518FFB has some good features such as multiflow technology, fast freezer and super cooling too. The Fridgemaster MS91518FFB also has a twist ice dispenser too, which is something the other budget American fridge freezer didn’t offer.

The reason this is lower on the list is due to the slightly higher price – the Fridgemaster MS91518FFB comes to just over £400 and doesn’t quite have the same space as the Haier HRF-628DN6.

Here are some of the great features it has:

  • Large fridge and freezer space compared to more expensive options
  • Non-plumbed
  • Twist ice dispenser
  • Around £400
  • Multiflow technology – makes it easy to not be cheesy…

With the lower price does come its limitations below:

  • No chilling compartment
  • Lack of Anti-bacteria shelving
  • No moisture control

There you have it, the full list of best american fridge freezers 2019 as reviewed by LargeKitchenAppliances. If you think our review is ‘cool’ then we’d love to hear from you! We would also like to hear from you if you thought our reviews doth chill your strawberries (totally made up phrase). If you think there should be another product making it into the best american fridge freezer 2019 list, then give us a shout over email, social media or the contact list.

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