Best PVR 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Best PVR 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

How many times have you missed your programme and regretted it?

You’ve spent longer than expected making dinner, and before you know it, the 19:30 showing of Coronation Street has finished. Gail Platt has died, Kevin Webster now owns the Rover’s Return and Steve McDonald has another wife…

To make it worse, you get to the office the next day.

Everyone, and I mean, everyone, is talking about what happened! Yet you missed it because apparently Gammon, egg and chips take ages to cook.

Well, that stops now!

But how?

No-one can time travel, and unless you’re willing to either A) pay £100 per month on a Sky/Virgin bill or B) watch the episode on your laptop; there is no way you could catch-up.

Well… Give us a chance, and in our classic style, we will tell you how a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) will give you full control over the TV schedule and mean you never have to worry about missing any programme, ever again!

So what is a PVR?

A PVR is allows you to have all the benefit a ‘Sky’ box would, such as being able to schedule the programme you want to record in advance and saves this onto the box. Allowing you to access it at a later date. Sounds interesting right?

Well, if you want to take control of your TV schedule and never miss a programme again, carry on reading. LargeKitchenAppliances have put together a list that compares the best PVRs on the market today.

Let’s take a look at the best PVR 2019 list, for more information on each product – click on the name and we give an individual review for each PVR:

Rank Name Disk Space Check Price
1 Panasonic – DMR-HWT250EB 1 TB (1000GB)
2 HUMAX DTR-T2100 AKA BT Youview+ 500 GB – 129 hours in HD or up to 300 hours normal
3 Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB 500 GB – 129 hours, records in HD
4 Bush B500DTRN 500 GB – 300 hours SD TV
5 August DVB415 NA
6 TalkTalk YouView DN372T 320 GB
  1. Panasonic – DMR-HWT250EB – Best PVR 2019

Best PVR 2019
It comes as no surprise that a huge electronics entertainment company, such as Panasonic, comes at the top of our list. This product is everything you need for recording TV.

One of the main characteristics you want in a PVR is the storage space. The reason this is key, is because you don’t want to run out of memory.

Imagine, Lord of the Rings – Return of the King, the scene where Frodo and Sam are stuck on the rock…

Lava gathering up around them…


Stop… You miss the ending… All because you didn’t have enough space left on your PVR.

The Panasonic DMR-HWT250EB has a huge 1 TB of memory. 1 TB, for those who are not tech savvy – is a lot. 600 hours of standard TV, all recorded on your PVR. That is 4 and a half years’ worth of Coronation Street episodes…


Fellas, size doesn’t matter… Or at least that what Safety-Man Johnathon in the office likes to claim. However, this PVR doesn’t just have a large memory. Its has other great features.

With the Panasonic online/mobile app allows you to set your recording when you are not even at home. So, when Deborah at work talks about the new BBC Drama, you can set your PVR to record it whilst trying to make yourself look interested in what Deborah has to say.

Let’s see what makes the Panasonic DMR-HWT250EB more Ant and Dec, and what makes it seem like Dick and Dom…


  • Multi-Record – Allowing you to record more than one programme at the same time!
  • 4K & HD Compatible – The only 4K compatible PVR 2019
  • Can review 7 day’s previous TV Schedule and ‘catch-up’
  • Schedule 8 day’s ahead of schedule with a series-link option
  • Smart Phone App – for recording arrangements without even being at home
  • Set-up other streaming sites to your PVR – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime etc


  • Most expensive PVR 2019 – Costing you around £200
  • Available for £60 less, for the 500GB version (see further down the list)

If you see yourself using a PVR – and you like the sound of the 1TB Panasonic, you should buy it now. There is no other model better than this, and it will be the best PVR you ever buy.

If you do not think the Panasonic 1TB is the best PVR 2019, the please leave us a comment and tell us why you disagree.

  1. HUMAX DTR-T2100 AKA BT Youview+ – most value for money PVR

You will probably have noticed, but BT is a pretty big name in the communications industry… So it makes sense they have a great Personal Video Recorder product. In working with Humax, BT have come up with some great features which is good news for you.

The device is only 500GB, however, this is the next best thing compared to the Panasonic, most PVRs give you 500GB.

Don’t complain too much…

This is still 300 hours of standard TV and around 130 hours of TV in High Definition.

For those who know much about BT and their interest in the sporting world, you will know they are focussed on providing the cutting edge of viewing experience. With the Humax there is no difference.

The Humax can be controlled ‘remotely’… I.e. without you even being at home…

Yes – this isn’t an insert from the I-Robot Script…

The BT YouView+ app allows you to control which channels are recorded from your mobile phone. So, you do not miss any programmes you hear on the move. Having a BT product has its uses too.

The Humax allows you to have access to the BT channels – something you would not have with many other PVRs, so if you like to watch the best of sporting events – the Humax gives you this platform, without having to pay a high price such as the one with Virgin and Sky.

So, sticking with the BT metaphors.

Let’s see what makes the Humax more optical broadband than copper wiring:

  • Multi-record – able to record multiple programmes at the same time
  • Can review the next and the previous 7 days’ TV and Catch-Up on anything you have missed
  • Silent Operation – No extra sound which you can get with other PVRs
  • Smart phone app – giving you access to your TV guide away from home
  • BT channels access (this is as a pay-per-view listing)
  • View other streaming sites – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime etc
  • Great value for money – At around £110 – £120 you get a lot in there


  • Have to watch one of the 2 programmes being downloaded – cannot watch a third programme

I am sure you will see that the Humax is a great product and definitely deserves it’s place at number 2. With a great price of £120, compared to £230 for number 1 spot – it is definitely great value for money. Saving £110 for just the sake of space – well worth it!

We think the Humax is the best value for money on the list – if you want to get a great product for a very fair price, you should buy the Humax DTR-T2100.

  1. Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB – Second best Panasonic PVR 2019

Best PVR 2019You may not know now, but you will following this review, that the Panasonic PVRs on our list a pretty similar! The DMR-HWT130EB is the little sister to the DMR-HWT250EB…

No, we don’t just mean in name…

The only differences between the two are: the size and the 4K TV compatibility.

The controversy doesn’t just stop there… dum dum dummmm

Some believed this PVR should have been the best PVR 2019! (shock horror)…

Lisa, pick up your bottom jaw, it’s not really that dramatic. There are some great features in this Panasonic, as you can tell from the 250EB big sister. You benefit from the mobile app functions for remote recording; other viewing apps; 7 days catch-up; 8 days planning…

The DMR-HWT130EB has a memory size of 500MB – which is a huge 300 hours of standard definition TV (130 for you high definition fiends). So, unless you really need to have years and years’ worth of EastEnders on your box, you will manage with the 500MB version.

The DMR-HWT130EB has high definition capabilities, which is all you need with the current television picture qualities.

So – you will question why this is in 3rd place and not 2nd… This is where the plot thickens…

The price of the Panasonic 130EB is around £170, which is great £60 saving compared to the big sister… However, it is £50 more than the Humax. Which we found it hard to find where this is justified.

In our typical style, we note where the Panasonic is more Serena Williams than Venus Williams:

  • Multi-Record – Allowing you to record more than one programme at the same time!
  • HD Compatible – with 130 hours’ worth of memory for this
  • Can review 7 day’s previous TV Schedule and ‘catch-up’
  • Schedule 8 day’s ahead of schedule with a series-link option
  • Smart Phone App – for recording arrangements without even being at home
  • Set-up other streaming sites to your PVR – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime etc


  • Price – Costing around £180 – Very similar to the Humax, yet £50 extra.

As you can tell, the Panasonic is a great buy! There a many great features and these are all available around £60 less than the bigger version of the PVR. If you want to benefit from having such a great household name for your PVR, you should buy the Panasonic DMR-HWT130EB as it is great quality and can save you £60.

  1. Bush B500DTRN – Top 6 best PVR 2019  

Best PVR 2018 First things first, there will be a lot of childish and inappropriate comments in this review… We won’t apologise, we know you were thinking it too.

With a name like ‘Bush’ you have to be great… No wars in Afghanistan with this product! Unless you mean a recording of Ross Kemp’s documentary. The B500TRN does the job and does it well.

Sure, it might not be the Bush you were hoping for…

Kate Bush.

But this Bush will make your viewing experience great!

Being HD/1080p compatible, you will be able to have a great picture quality, which is always good – we would highly recommend watch an Attenborough documentary in HD… Thank us later.


What?? Wait… Is that the doorbell?

That’s OK – you can pause the TV with this PVR – excellent news! You no longer have to miss any part of the action to pay the Dominos Pizza man at the front door. This is a huge benefit which people who pay up to £120 per month for Sky Tv or Virgin Media.

Forgot to pause?

That’s ok – you can also rewind…

Let’s take a look at the Bush and see what we like:

  • Record 2 channels at once
  • 2 hour recorder buffer
  • Series record – So you never miss any of the future shows
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • 1080p/HD picture
  • 500 GB – 300 hours SD TV

Here is what is more George Bush:

  • £170 – Expensive compared to Humax
  • Have to watch one of the recording channels
  1. August DVB415 – Cheapest PVR 2019

Best PVR 2019Who wants to save some money? Who doesn’t, right?

This next PVR is definitely for those who want to gain some of the great benefits of having a PVR, but don’t want to pay over £100 for one…

You could benefit for just only £30!

Yes, £40 – Doris, pick up your hat, we’ve got shopping to do…

There is one limitation for this, and that is that you must buy your storage separately, however, when you could buy a 1TB storage for £50 or 500GB for around £20!

The August doesn’t just have the price as the selling point. The August gives you great 1080p picture, which is second (within TVs) only to 4K pictures which is cinema quality. For this High Definition picture quality, you just need a HMDI cable.

The August will provide you with the functioning of rewinding and pause live TV. Which gets even better when you can review 7 days forward and programme for the recording show.

So let’s see what is more summer bank holiday about the August DVB415:

  • Cheap as Chips (as the Northerners would say) – only £40
  • External hard drives can shoot up the storage capabilities
  • 1080p picture
  • 7 days scheduling – means you can check out what is on for the rest of the week

What makes the August DVB415 wet and windy:

  • Need HDMI cable for any High Definition viewing
  • Must have an external storage – costs around £25 – £50
  • No remote access to the system – Unlike the Panasonics
  • No WiFi connection, so no access to other streaming companies (NetFlix, BT, BBC iPlayer)

If you are not willing to pay out a huge cost for the benefits of a PVR, the August DVB415 is perfect for you… £40 is small enough even to purchase to try before spending more on a higher quality one.

  1. TalkTalk YouView DN372T – Smallest built-in storage in our Best PVR 2019 List

Best PVR 2018 TalkTalk are the biggest outsider of the big three in the telecommunication game – I know this doesn’t sound impressive. But the big three are made up of BT, Sky & Virgin Media… So it would take a huge company to interfere with the dominance of these three.

TalkTalk have cemented their place by having a PVR of their own! The YouView DN372T has made it onto out best PVR 2019 list… Albeit in 6th and last place – but by no means is this a terrible machine or would be a bad purchase.

The YouView DN372T has feature which are better than the Bush! The only downfall to this machine is the built-in storage. If you do not care about substituting 500MB for 320MB, which is 300 hours of normal TV for 200 hours-ish, then the YouView would be similar to the Bush and save you £30!

The DN372T has the ability to review the previous 7 days in a ‘catch-up’ style – giving you the same viewing experience as the likes of Sky and Virgin Media…

Going on holiday and want to make sure ‘Vera’ is recorded?

No problem – with 15 days scheduling, you can see 2 weeks in advance and record as you wish!

How about the youngster and their prying hands?

The YouView, although by name it would suggest you can view anything! It actually has a parental control, so you can set which age is unsuitable for the little nipper, and every programme set at 12a or above, would require a PIN.

You love a great picture?

How does 1080p sound? Great, right!!

Let’s look at what will make you want to TalkTalk about this machine:

  • Recording 2 channels at the same time – never miss a show again
  • 7 days review – in a catch-up style
  • Parental control – you can set the age to any restriction – PG, 12a, 15, 18, giving you total control on what the little ones see
  • Internet enabled – so you can access other streaming options – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime
  • 1080p enabled for a great picture

What will you think is more YouTube than YouView:

  • £120 – quite expensive compared to what the BT Humax can provide for £5 extra
  • Only 320MB – 190 hours may sound like a lot, however if you like HD TV – this will drop to around 80 hours
  • Not WiFi enabled – so must connect via ethernet cable

We have reached the very end of our best PVR 2019 review – we hope you liked it and found it useful. Still unsure whether a PVR or subscription package is best for you? Ask yourself one thing – do you want to pay up to £120 per month for SkyLiving+1 or National Geographic or BT Sports?

If that answer is yes, then a PVR is not for you, you need to go through BT, Virgin Media or Sky.

If the answer is no…

Do you still want to benefit from being able to record and watch other shows?

Have remote access to your TV?

How about watch other streaming companies – Netflix, Amazon Prime?

If you are yes to just one of these, a PVR is definitely for you! You just have to choose your favourite from our list and enjoy the viewing experience! Be quick though, Coronation street is about to start!!!

Do you think another PVR deserves to be in our list? We love to hear any feedback, so give us a shout and tell us which one you think should be on the best PVR 2019 list!