Best Gas Cooker 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Review

Best Gas Cooker 2019 – Buyer’s guide & Review

Fancy shouting out ‘we’re cooking on gas now!’ with every meal?


Well great, you’re in the right place:

Do you think you’re more Billy Elliot (think of the song, electricity)? Go to our guide on electric cookers here.

A bit on the fence, that’s fine – we have a comparison between gas and electric too – check it out!

We understand, there are loads of things to think about when you’re looking for a cooker, half of them you have no clue about, the other half are the perfect insomnia cure. Luckily for you, us at LargeKitchenAppliances are so difficult to bore we have scrolled through all the things you need to know.

After hours – long, long hours of looking at gas ovens we have come up with this guide on what the best gas cookers 2019 are.

OK, OK, we understand you have to prepare dinner tonight, if you’re in such a hurry take a look at our breakdown of the top 10. We go into a bit more detail for each product, so click on which one you fancy.

Name Energy Rating Main Oven Capacity Click to see the latest price
Cannon by Hotpoint CH60GPCF A+ 77L check the price
Smeg SUK61PX8 A 79L check the price
AEG 17166GM-MN A/A 79L Check the Price
Zanussi ZCG664GWC A 79L Check the Price
Belling FSG 55 TCF A 69L Check the Price
Stoves SG60DO A/A 69L Check the Price
New World 550TSIDOm A/A 54L
Beko – BA52NEW A+ 62L Check the Price
Beko KTG611K A+ 72L Check the Price
Servis – DG60W B 41L Check the Price
  1. Cannon by Hotpoint CH60GPCF – Best Gas Cooker 2019

Best Gas Cooker 2018

It is to no-one’s surprise that a Hotpoint is at the top of our list for a cooker.

Hotpoint are a quality company who make quality products – and they have not let anyone down with the CH60GPCF.

As a gas oven you may question the cooking versatility… But the Cannon has a dual oven, grill, programmable timer and a slow cooking option. Call it the Jess Ennis of the gas cooker world – well without the Olympic medals.

What really sets the cannon from the fodder is the catalytic lining. For those who don’t have hours to waste researching this, in basic terms the oven cavity is lined with a material that uses the heat the oven creates to clean the oven.

Who doesn’t like that? If you’d prefer scrubbing an oven floor to keep it clean, go ahead… The Cannon will do it for you – all you have to do it wipe with a damp cloth and bish, bash, bosh, its clean.

Is that safety ref Jonathon I can hear again? Yes… He’s back and he’s excited.

The Cannon has a gas shut off which means that if the flame goes out, the gas supply is cut off. This is a great safety feature as it prevents any gas leaks from occurring – meaning your home is safe.

Do you want multiple cooking settings? No problem… The Cannon has a programmable timer so you can set what time you want the oven to come on and go off, it will cook your perfect meal in this time and you can return to a fantastic dinner.  No more rushing back to put the oven on for the beef joint on a Sunday or even worrying about getting home early to put the gammon in – the cannon does it all for you.

Meal preparation isn’t included in that… It cannot peel your carrots.

Let’s take a look at what is offer here:

  • Catalytic lining – less oven and elbow grease
  • Slow Cooker – save money and use the slow cooking setting
  • Dual oven
  • Huge 109L total capacity – more than enough room to cook a great meal
  • A+ energy rating – saving you money on energy bills
  • Interior light for better viewing of food
  • Flame Safety Device – when the flame is out, the gas is off
  • Inner glass is removable for easy clean

What makes it more cannonball than Cannon by Hotpoint:

  • It comes with a £900 price tag – ouch
  1. Smeg SUK61PX8 – Gas Cooker with most gas oven features

Best Gas Cooker 2019

Fancy a coming home to a hot Italian in your kitchen every day?

Course you do…

No, we are not advertising for Giovanni’s gigolo service.

We are talking about the Smeg SUK61PX8! So think more ‘brilliant oven’ and less disappointment and olive oil.

The Smeg is fantastic, first of all it has a huge… Cavity… Which can be a positive or a negative, why? It only has one cavity. So you do not benefit from the dual oven that you get with other ovens, but the single cavity is more than enough. The Smeg gives you a massive 79L main cavity which is more than enough to cook your biggest family meal.

It’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it…

Well this Italian stallion gives you 9 cooking functions and also is a duel heating element. Which means it has a conventional and convection (fan) heating distribution. This is a massive positive as one of the downfalls of a gas oven is the lack of heat distribution with the conventional heating.

One major advantage to the Smeg is the pyrolytic cleaning function. For those who didn’t just squeal with excitement, pyrolytic cleaning is where you have the ultimate clean of an oven. The oven heats up to 500°C and disintegrates all grime and grease, leaving you to simply wipe it clean. This is exciting as no other free standing gas oven can give you this, no wonder we thought this deserved a place on our best gas cookers 2019 list!

Let’s see what makes the Smeg fantastico:

  • Multiple Safety Features – automatic switch off and cool touch means no gas leaks and no burns when touching the doors.
  • Multiple settings – giving you the perfect cooking environment for each meal – 9 different fan and grill settings
  • Huge capacity – 79L
  • Easy to clean – with multiple benefits (pyrolytic cleaning, antacid lining and glass pane removal)
  • Programmed cooking – Set the timing of cooking length for perfect cooking
  • Save money with EcoCooking

What makes the Smeg look more Rocky Balboa than Italian Stallion:

  • Over £1300
  • No extra capacity with a second cavity – but grill is present in main cavity


  1. AEG 17166GM-MN – The biggest capacity gas oven 2019

     Best Gas Cooker 2018 - AEG

In Bronze place… the AEG 17166GM-MN.

Taking a look at the AEG and you have to say that it looks like it has been on steroids.

No, it hasn’t got a temper or skin blemishes, it is huge.

119L total capacity huge… This is the biggest capacity in our best gas cookers 2019 list. This gives you full flexibility of cooking large meals or even multiple dishes. Making you one step closer to being Jamie Oliver – just less agitating.

Unlike many drug-cheats, the AEG is as clean as a whistle! How?

Catalytic cleaning, the AEG has an individually designed Cataluxe technology. This technology prevents any of the grease or grime from sticking to the sides of the oven. The heat created by the oven is then used against the grease and melts it. This mean that all you have to do is wipe the dirt away…

Almost easy…

Even if you take steroids, it is hard to win an Olympic Bronze medal… Just ask Justin Gatlin at the London 2012 Olympics, he will claim it was all him and not the years of cheating. So let’s take his view on things and see what else the AEG has to offer:

  • Massive space – this allows you to cook large meals, multiple parts of meals with a dual oven and grill. 79L main cavity and 40L second cavity
    • MaxiTray – 20% extra room on a baking tray
    • Hob Cover – providing extra kitchen surface space
  • Easy Clean – Cataluxe technology allows all the benefits of catalytic cleaning
  • Safety features included – Isofront Touch to prevent burns and gas safety device to prevent gas leaks.

What makes the AEG more Russian Doping Regime than Olympic hero:

  • Gas Safety Device only works when the hob cover is down
  • Cost is around £750

           4. Zanussi ZCG664GWC – Great all-rounder gas cooker

best gas cooker 2019Just squeezed into fourth place, pipped at the post! The Zanussi ZCG664GWC narrowly missed out on a top 3 finish in our best gas cooker 2019 list.

It is very similar to the gas cooker sitting in third spot, it has a lot of great features and is spacious. This of a room leading to your garden with large patio doors, brightly painted and uncluttered. Except this is a gas cooker and not a summer’s day paradise.

The Zanussi ZCG664GWC is the second biggest on our best gas cooker list with a total capacity of 113L. With this you can cook a large meal for the full family, a large gammon or turkey.

Have multiple dishes? No problem, check out below:

You’re covered by having two cavities, which means you can cook at different temperatures at the same time. This allows you to slow cook your lamb leg whilst also roasting your potatoes, although we prefer sautéed potatoes!

It takes more than just a spacious cavity to make it in the top 5 on Large Kitchen Appliances’ best gas cooker 2019 review list. Let’s take a look at the other features the Zanussi ZCG664GWC has:

  • Gas Safety Device
  • Catalytic Lining
  • Triple Glazing
  • Glass Hob Cover

Safety rep Jonathon insisted on the safety device first…

We can all agree that this is key in a gas cooker, the safety device prevents any potential gas leaks by switching the gas supply off once the flame is out. Keeping your family home safe.

Don’t worry, if you are a singleton, you will be kept safe too.

The Zanussi ZCG664GWC also has a glass hob cover – this provides extra safety in terms of no gas being supplied while the lid is on. Which got Jonathon jumping for joy…

It has some extra value too:

It give you another surface… Yes, you can put the lid cover down and utilise it as extra worktop space – did we mention spacious?

So we’ll go through a the main positives that the Zanussi offers and see if there are any negatives too…


  • Huge capacity:
    • 79L main gas oven
    • 34L secondary gas oven and gas grill
    • Added surface if the glass hob cover being down.
  • Safety:
    • Gas safety device provides protection against gas leaks
    • Glass lid cover stops the gas supply when down
  • Easy cleaning:
    • Catalytic technology means that the gas oven cleans easier
  • Cool touch:
    • Triple glazing gas oven doors ensure that the outside is not burning to touch
  • Around £580 – £200 less than the AEG


  • Only triple-glazed glass, not as much protection on the surroundings from the heat

We thought the Zanussi wasn’t as attractive as the AEG because of the extra space. Not just the 6L in the capacity, but the Maxitray too – who doesn’t like more chips with their meal?


  1. Belling FSG55TCF – Best cheap gas oven 2019

Best gas cooker 2018Are you reading this list and thinking ‘you know what, these are all expensive’…?

Yet you want top-of-the-range quality?

Why not stop reading now, and click on the link above and add the Belling to your basket. The Belling is a quality oven and is considered to be ‘cheap’

Great chips, cooked by a cheap oven (not quite ‘cheap as chips’).

The Belling is big in size – with an overall capacity of 108L. This size is all you need to cook a perfect family meal. What is better than a huge cavity… A great energy efficiency! So you get great meals at a lower running cost.

Have a few dishes which need different temperatures?

No problem, the secondary cavity is 39L which allows you to perfect plan that large family meal. However, it only has the grill function in the second cavity…

The other features do set the Belling FSG55TCF above a lot of other gas cookers, afterall we did rate it as one of the best gas cookers 2019! Here are some of the features:

  • Dual Heating Oven
  • Variable grill temperature
  • Flexible Shelf Positions
  • Flame Safety Device
  • Glass Hob Cover
  • Catalytic cover
  • Glass Removal Option

The Belling FSG55TCF deserves its place in our best gas cookers 2019 list. The Belling is versatile! Think of your dad completely building the kitchen table with just a butter knife… OK, it’s a little better than that. It has dual heating capability…

What are we talking about?

Dual heating allows you to switch between conventional and fan heating! This is amazing. You can have the benefits of both gas and electric ovens here. The fan heating feature provides you with the uniformity of an electric oven, with the speed and cost-effectiveness of a gas oven… Brilliant.

The Belling is the only one in our best gas cookers 2019 list to boast this feature!

The flexibility doesn’t end there – the Belling has more shelf positions than Asda, so you can alter where you have each dish for optimum cooking! You could even remove all shelves and have one huge lamb leg in there…

I can hear the burning question (pun unintended), what is the Belling doing so low down in th best gas cookers 2019 list? Well lets have a look at the pros and cons to get to the bottom of it:


  • Safety first – no gas leaks with the gas safety device
  • Precise cooking – adjustable shelving, adjustable grill and dual cooking options
  • Maximise space – variable shelving spaces and Gas Hob Cover
  • Under £500
  • Easy cleaning – catalytic cleaning and the glass front removal for easy wiping too


  • Only one oven cavity – no cooking at two separate temperatures
  • No CoolTouch Technology


  1. Stoves SG60DO – top 10 best gas cookers 2019

Best gas cooker 2018The Stoves is cool…

No literally, it is cool. Cool to touch.

The oven has a facia cooling system which means the outside of the oven doesn’t get hot. So you don’t have to worry about burning yourself on the oven door.

The Stoves also has a cool 108L total capacity. This is about the same size as your kitchen freezer. You can make a huge meal with this.

Safety rep Jonathon is a big fan of this too… The gas safety device features on this. Always important to stop gas leaks, keeping your family safer.

The Stoves SG60DO also has a glass hob cover.

Wait, is that good?

Yes, a glass cover can double up as an extra surface in your kitchen, which will increase worktop space. Not only that, but the glass cover shuts the gas supply off when this is down too! Even safer…

I can hear Jonathon jumping for joy at the thought.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to make the best gas cookers 2019 list:


  • Safety First – automatic shut off device and glass hob lid means you are protected from gas leaks. The fascia cooling system also prevents you from any burns touching the gas cooker too
  • Maximising kitchen space – additional surface with the glass hob cover
  • Dual gas oven – cook multiple dishes at different temperatures
  • Gas grill – able to cook healthier


  • Harder to clean – no catalytic surface
  • Over £500
  1. New World 550TSIDOM – Electric and Gas Cooker. Gas oven and electric grill

Best Gas Oven 2018Before we break out in an office-wide song-a-long to Aladdin, let’s introduce the next one in the best gas cookers 2019 list…

The New World 550TSIDOM.

Although not quite as revolutionary to be considered a ‘Brave New World’, it is a good product which offers great flexibility. Think Beth Tweddle… Just less uneven bars and more oven cavities.

The New World offers a double gas oven cavity – allowing you to cook at multiple temperatures. Which is great for any multiple dish meal for the family.  You also get the advantage of an electric variable grill!

What’s so great about an electric grill?

It gives you greater precision in the grilling temperature, which means more cheese on toast and less cremated toast.

The flexibility doesn’t stop there… The New World has a glass cover, which can double up for extra surface space in your kitchen!

Lets see whether this should be a part of your kitchen’s new world and what makes this deserve a place on our best gas cookers 2019 list…


  • Safety – The automatic shut off with the gas safety device and the lid shut-off means the New World 550TSIDOm is a safe option for homes
  • Variable Grill Temperature – This allows you to select the perfect grilling environment in your gas cooker for whatever you need
  • Extra kitchen space – the glass hob cover provides an extra surface for your kitchen


  • Not a huge capacity – only 85L; lots of other bigger capacities available
  • Around £450 – cheaper ovens available for better
  • Doesn’t offer CoolTouch technology
  • No Catalytic cleaning
  • Electric grill – increases running costs
  1. Beko BA52NEW – Best Cheap Gas cooker 2019

Best gas cooker 2019It is well known that Beko are a maker of high quality and reasonably priced products. Here is another to add to that list.

The BAS52NEW is great for functionality, rather than ‘blow-you-away’ features. The Christopher Walken of the gas cooker world. The Beko supports an eye-level grill and flexible cooking.

An eye level grill?

Yes, we know this is the only one of the best gas cookers 2019 to have this feature. It is a rarity…

An eye-level grill is where the grill is set above the hob – underneath the fume hood. This makes is easier for you to see how well done the bacon is. Which means you shouldn’t ever overcook those sausages… But we cannot promise anything!

The BA52 doesn’t only make it easier for you to cook sausages, it also saves you money on energy bills! With a A+ rating you can guarantee that your energy bills will be kept lower with this buy. Saving you money in the long-run.

Let’s take a look at the overall performance of the BA52 and see what is perfect and what is overcooked:


  • Safety First – gas safety device prevents any gas leaks
  • Cheaper to run – A+ energy rating
  • Cheap – Can be around £300
  • Great for gas cooking – eye-level grill allows you to easily check on food, flexible shelving means more dishes, easily converted to LPG usage


  • No Catalytic cleaning – making it hard to clean compared to others on the best gas cooker 2019 list
  • Only one cavity – cannot cook at separate temperatures
  • No CoolTouch Technology
  • Doesn’t have a huge capacity – only 62L total capacity due to only having one cavity


  1. Beko KTG611K – Cheapest Gas Cooker in the top 10 gas cookers

Best gas cooker 2018The Beko KTG611K is very similar to the BAS52NEW, it is available a very good price, and is indeed the cheapest gas cooker in our review list – around £300.

So why else should you buy it?

The Beko KTG611K offers a good size main gas oven cavity – with a decent 72L for the main cavity, you really do have enough space to cook any meal.

There are other features which are great, so let’s see those features on the Beko KTG611K:

  • A+ energy rating
  • Gas Safety Device
  • 104L total capacity

The Beko KTG611K has a fantastic A+ energy rating which puts it in the top bracket for running costs – who doesn’t want to save on their energy bills?

As always, safety is important –  the KTG11K has a flame safety device. This ensure you’re safe and protected against potential gas leaks. Once the flame goes out, the gas supply stops.

OK, less chatter and more pros and cons for the Beko KTG611K:


  • The cheapest gas cooker 2019 – Around £280
  • Family Safety – Flame Safety Device protects you from gas leaks
  • Cheap to run – A+ energy rating
  • 72L gas oven cavity


  • No dual oven – can only grill in the top cavity
  • Lack of catalytic lining – hard to clean
  • No CoolTouch technology – outside gets warm
  • No fancy cooking settings
  1. Servis DG60W – Top 10 best gas cooker 2019

Best Gas Cooker 2019So, have we saved the best until last in our best gas cooker 2019 review?

No, that would be silly… But the Servis is a good choice for an oven and you would be very happy if you bought it.

It has a dual gas oven feature and a secondary cavity grill option. This multiple gas cooking feature means you can be utilising both cavities for multiple dishes at multiple cooking temperatures, which allows you to make a complex large meal for the family.

As we always advise at LargeKitchenAppliances, the gas safety device is vital when choosing your gas cooker. All of the gas cookers we have reviewed here have a flame safety device and the Servis DG60W is no different. The flame safety device protects you and your family against any potential gas leaks.

The Servis DG60SS has a glass hob cover, this not only provides you with extra protection against gas leaks – as the glass lid cover activates the flame safety device. It also provides you with extra kitchen surface space when the lid is down.

As with each of the top 10 best gas cookers in our review list, there is the pros and cons summary; lets get into it:


  • Cheap – Under £400
  • Safety for the family – Flame Safety device protects against gas leaks
  • Extra Kitchen Surface Space – with the glass hob cover
  • Dual oven and grill gives you cooking flexibility


  • Small Total capacity – only 58L
  • B energy rating – more expensive than other models
  • No CoolTouch Technology
  • No Catalytic cleaning – harder to clean

As you can see, there has been a lot of testing for our top 10 best gas cookers 2019 list, however we here at LargeKitchenAppliances think we have covered what each gas cooker provides to you, in particular the gas oven facilities. We feel this is where there is a biggest variation in standard for a gas cooker.