Best Electric Cookers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Is that food I smell cooking? Probably not, otherwise you wouldn’t be here… Welcome to LargeKitchenAppiances’s review of the best electric cookers 2019.

If you are undecided on whether you should buy an electric or a gas cooker, we do have a summary on what should be considered when making this decision. Take a look here and have a look to see which one you should go for.

If you’re still reading, you’ve made your choice… So lets get on with business.

Here at LargeKitchenAppliances we have reviewed the best electric cookers currently on the market. After our review, you’re going to be able to make your decision on what would be the best for your kitchen! As always, we have reviewed a huge range of electric cookers to bring to you our top 10 best for 2019.

Best Electric Cookers 2019

Before you burn your chips, check out the top 10 results below. If you have a little more time before your lamb joint finishes, click on each name for a more in-depth review.

Name Energy Rating Main Oven Capacity Check Price
Hotpoint Ultima HUI614K A 71L Check The Price
Zanussi ZCV69350XA A 73L Check The Price
Cannon by Hotpoint Kendal CH60EKKS B 65L Check The Price
AEG CIB6740ACB A 73L Check The Price
Rangemaster Classic 60 CLAS60ECBL/C A 61L Check The Price
Beko KDC653K A 69L Check The Price
Stoves RICHMOND550E A 69L Check The Price
Belling CLASSIC60E A 69L Check The Price
Newworld 60EDOC B 63L Check The Price
Leisure Gourmet GRB6CVK A 75L Check The Price
  1. Hotpoint Ultima HUI164K – Best Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions H-900mm; W-600mm; D-600mm

  Best Electric Cooker 2019What goes with the reputation of the Hotpoint name, is the expectation of a great appliance… Boy does the HUI164K live up to that. Hotpoint have really done themselves proud here, will they impress you?

This cooker gives you a lot… We are talking top quality safety features like the cooling system and triple glazed oven doors matched with a lockable hob and an automatic turn off with no activity.

The Hotpoint is the office Health and Safety Rep of the cooker world.

However, far less boring (sorry Jonathon)…

The Hotpoint has amazing cooking features. It has a hob booster, which means your water boils quicker. This boost negates the disadvantage of the electric cooker, no waiting around for the hob to heat up and even allows the hob to get hotter than any other. Add this with a programmable hob, you can take full control of your cooking experience!

The oven is no average Joe either. The oven has multiple settings, even a slow cooking option. Great for those stews or casseroles. The slow cooking option also saves you money on buying a slow cooker – the cooker that keeps on giving. The oven is also programmable, so you can pre-select the exact time you want to cooking to start and stop. So whether you’re out all day and want it to be ready for when you get in, or whether you just have a brain like a sieve; you can get a perfect meal cooked with no chance of burning those chips.

Scream if you want to go faster…

The Hotpoint offers even more, so let’s take a look:

  • Catalytic lining – more grease breakdown and less elbow grease
  • Touch controls – Sleek and sophisticated look
  • Pan Detection/Recognition – Hob doesn’t start until the correct sized pan is on the hob
  • Inside Oven Light
  • Oven Temperature Indication – Shows you when the oven is pre-heated
  • Variable Grill – For perfect grilling
  • Programmable oven
  • Programmable hob
  • Automatic shut off after 2 mins of non-activity
  • Overall capacity of 102L
  • Not that expensive – around £650 – £700

So what are the down points for the Hotpoint HUI614K? We have to admit that we were almost defeated to provide any here! But by scraping the barrel, we have found one:

  • Only 2 sizes for hob rings (some offer 3…)

If you love the amazing features of the Hotpoint, you should buy it, because it will be the best electric cooker you ever buy!

  1. Zanussi ZCV69350XA – Electric Cooker With Loads To Offer

          Dimensions: H-912mm; W-600mm; D-609mm

Best Electric Cooker 2019Zanussi have come up with a real beauty here, they have created a fantastic machine which is an all-round team player and offers everything you could want in your cooker.

First of all, the capacity is good. The ZCV69350XA provides you with a space of 110L for cooking. The main cavity is 73L, which means you have plenty of room for your turkey or multiple dishes. This is all down the insulation Zanussi has added…

The insulation is set thinner than all others in the sector which allows the thinnest product to provide the second largest overall capacity on our list. Super impressive! But of course, we don’t get (too) excited over insulation alone… We have some other stuff to get through.

With any oven, comes the cleaning. The ZCV69350XA helps you out here, with its catalytic lining. This special feature allows grease and grim to be broken down by the heat created by the oven during cooking. This means that your oven cleaning duties will comprise of a simple wipe down of the inside… Cinderella will go to the ball! To go along with this, the glass window of the oven is removable for easier cleaning too.

The oven’s cooking ability really sets this apart from your basic products. This electric cooker has a programmable timer, giving you the full flexibility of life. Go out, put your feet up, leave… The Zanussi doesn’t care, just tell it when to cook and it will do. So when you get home, you have a perfectly cooked meal ready and awaiting just for you. The shelving is also super flexible, so you can cram as much as you possibly can into the ZCV69350XA.

The oven also has a little technology called therma-flow, this prevents the mixing of flavours between shelves. But more importantly, it keeps the cooking positions at optimum temperature, so you cook more efficiently – saving you even more money on your electric bills.

Lets see the full list:

  • Dual oven with grill
  • Ceramic hob – 2 ring sizes
  • Fast heat hob
  • Defrost oven setting
  • Programmable oven – a real mainstay in the best electric cookers 2019 list
  • Catalytic Cleaner
  • SteamBake Function – Making you cakes golden brown…
  • Flexible shelves
  • Under £600

As you can see, there is very little wrong or missing from the ZCV69350XA. We did manage to find some, but these are harsh on a wonderful product:

  • Hob is not programmable
  • Only 2 sized of hob
  • Doesn’t sing or dance


  1. Cannon by Hotpoint Kendal CH60EKKS – Best Reasonably Priced Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-900mm; W-595mm; D-610mm

Cannon - 3rd best electric cooker 2019Well, well, well… Hotpoint again – no surprise.

Although it has a ‘Cannon’ sign, don’t be fooled. Hotpoint have created another hot product (excuse the pun). The CH60EKKS is very similar to its gas cooker counterpart, and that is also very good! Shall we see if you agree?

The Cannon offers you some nice cooking features, these are mainly based on speed of heating – the Usain Bolt of cookers.

The Cannon provides this by introducing their ‘Solar’ features. The SolarPlus grill gets the burners burning and straight to maximum heating temperature within 15 seconds; which is pretty impressive for an electric grill. The SolarGlow hob brings the heat to the hob. The hob has been designed to reach its maximum temperature quicker. So you don’t have to wait around for the ceramic to heat up.

The CH60EKKS doesn’t just give speed, it provides more with the oval zone on the hob. This zone allows you to add more space for heating up your pan – allowing you to make sure you big pans are cooking evenly. This does push the size of hob for the Cannon to 3 – meaning it is the most versatile hob in our list.

The oven is pretty good too – it enables easy cleaning, with a catalytic lining and removeable glass. Cooking in the oven can also be set to perfect too – with the programmable timer. The Cannon encourages you to leave it alone and leave the cooking to it. What more could you want? Lets have a look at the feature list which has the Cannon in our top 3:

  • Fascia cooling – not burnt fingers when touching the outside
  • Dual oven and grill
  • 100L cooking
  • Programmable oven
  • Removable inner glss
  • SolarPlus – Extra quick grill
  • SolarGlow – Rapid heat-up
  • Oval Zone – Larger pans are covered
  • 3 sizes of hob ring
  • Around £500

Unlike the top 2 in our list, there are a few issues with the Cannon. Not many, but it just isn’t perfect:

  • Energy Rating is B/B – this means the Cannon is more expensive to run
  • 100L isn’t the biggest
  • No programmable hob


  1. AEG CIB6740ACB – Large Capacity Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-912mm; W-600mm; D-609mm

Best electric Cooker 2019The Arsenal of the electric cooker world, stuck in 4th place, expensive to see, yet full of talent. If you don’t get the Arsenal reference – consider Tyson Gay.

The AEG CIB6740ACB offers you a lot, all considered it is one of the best on the market right now.

There are some amazing features, a very good A energy rating, dual oven and a decent capacity. The AEG offers 112L of space, which is split into a 73L main cavity and 39L secondary cavity. This means you can cook that huge turkey whilst still cooking those roast potatoes.

Roast dinners not your thing?

Me neither

How about an oven that maximises the amount of food with its MaxiTray and it’s speciality is baking cakes?

Yes, sold! What brilliance. 20% more chips and perfect cupcakes! This is me all the way (I have always loved Leonardo now I think about it). The AEG does this by having a Steambake option, this gives moisture to the cakes when you first start to bake. Making them perfectly golden! That’s not all the AEG does…

The oven features are supplemented with, what every lazy person wants, easy cleaning! The catalytic lining on this brings the heat to the grease… So all you have to do is wipe for a spotless(ish) oven. The glass door also is removable so you could even put it in your dishwasher – get those feet right up!

Features coming up:

  • Thermaflow – evenly spread heat on each shelf
  • Cooling fan – no burns when you touch the oven door
  • Maxitray – 20% extra
  • Fully programmable
  • SteamBake – For perfectly golden cakes! No wonder we have this as one of the best electric cookers 2019
  • Catalytic Lining
  • Child-Lock on hob
  • Defrost setting
  • 3 size of hob rings

Even Leonardo isn’t perfect – remember J.Edgar? Neither do I, in fact all of the office had to google it, just like you did then… Well same goes for our AEG CIB6740ACB, there are a few things that could be better:

  • £800 – £900 price tag
  • If Rose had saved Jack
  1. Rangemaster Classic 60 CLAS60ECBL/C – Best Double Electric Grill Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-900mm; W-595mm; D-958mm

Rangemaster - best electric cooker 2019This is what Michael Jackson would have called a ‘Pretty Young Thing’ (not Billie Jean no!). What a beautiful cooker. It’s sleek, it’s smart, it has a range-style look; which means that it looks expensive.

The only issue is, it actually is expensive.

But hey, the pretty things in life usually costs the most. Just take a look at the prices of a Pomsky (cue the puppy photo).

But just like our beautiful Husky-Pomeranian cross, the Rangemaster Classic 60 offers more than just cuteness – you don’t have to take it for walks, don’t worry. This is the only cooker in our list to provide a double grill, that is pretty cool isn’t it.

The oven is great, it has all the features you’d want. It has an A energy rating, with a programmable oven. So you can set the Rangemaster to sort your meal out whilst you watch the 6 O’clock news… The inside of your oven is well lit too, so if you did want to check on the meal – you can see well enough to not open the door. Which saves you time and also money as the oven is more efficient.

The Rangemaster does come into its own when you look at its features, it has more of those than what you could shake a stick at. The oven has the all-important (for the lazy lot) catalytic lining, so its easy to clean. The grill, wow…

The grill is variable, so you can set it to the correct temperature (don’t burn those crumpets now). Not only that, but it is also a double grill, so you have one in your main cavity and your secondary cavity. Bringing you even more bacon than any other electric cooker on our list. The grill can even be half shut off. Yeah, turning half of it off is good; this reduce unnecessary grilling – which brings down those energy bills.

Snapshot of the features:

  • Programmable oven function
  • Steadfast technology – no wobbly pans
  • Nite-lite – reduced light during the evenings to cut down costs
  • Catalytic lining
  • Dual oven
  • Dual grill (The only one on our best electric cooker 2019 list to have this)
  • Defrost setting
  • Available for around £650

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to the Rangemaster. Which I am sure you expected, otherwise why would it be at number 5? We think these are the real why:

  • Total capacity is under 100L (99L, but still)
  • Secondary cavity has an energy rating of B
  1. Beko KDC653K – Cheapest Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-900mm; W-600mm; D-600mm

Beko - Best electric cookers 2019Ever searched everywhere for that product that is cheap, yet offers almost everything that the best offers?

Well search no more…

The Beko KDC653K offers great features yet is the cheapest on our best electric cooker 2019 list – Drop mic

The KDC653K is fresh off the Beko creation line and we think this little number will be soon the most popular electric cooker this year. Not only is it brand new, it is rammed packed with top features. But most importantly for anyone who cares about saving money, is the price.


Yep, that’s it… £340. Over £100 cheaper than any other on our list.

The KDC653K gives you rapidlite ceramic hobs; which heat up quicker than your average hob. So you get that speed in your hob. It isn’t reflected in the grill, so it doesn’t quite beat the Canon, but it certainly still makes the Jamaican sprint relay team.

The oven is of high quality too. A completely programmable timer which is a certain to capture your heart as you walk in from a freshly cooked meal. Giving you more time to do what you want to do! No more sitting around and waiting to turn the oven off… Go out, live your life… The Beko’s got this…

It’s not only in the cooking department that the Beko helps you out… It boasts a catalytic lining which is sure to help. No more scrubbing at the grease, the lining uses the heat in cooking to help clean. So put away the brightness of those marigold’s and swap it for the brightness of the sunshine. Or if you’re a northerner, a pale grey sky that haunts us.

Let’s check out the benefits this Beko gives:

  • Rapid heat-up hob
  • 105L of oven space
  • Programmable oven
  • Defrost function
  • Dual oven
  • Double glazed oven window
  • Removable window – easy clean
  • Catalytic lining
  • A energy rating
  • £340 price tag – Cheap as chips… (The cheapest in our best electric cookers 2019 list)

With every bargain, there is a slight trade off on quality… Although, the list is small:

  • Catalytic lining is only in the main cavity – secondary cavity has an enamel lining
  • No programmable hob
  1. Stoves RICHMOND550E – Reasonably Priced Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-900mm; W-552mm; D-602mm

Stoves - best electric cooker 2019The Stoves RICHMOND550E gives you a range of good qualities, this is certainly no trailblazer. But is one of those choices you don’t regret. A bit like a sorbet dessert, never a double chocolate fudge cake. But you are always satisfied and enjoy every spoonful.

We are talking high end functions which help your cooking experience. The oven has a defrost setting and programmable timer. So you can be at ease that you have a perfectly cooked gammon for when you get home, rather than having your mum nip round at 15:26 to turn the oven down…

Just a note, that although the programmable timer is almost a given in our list of best electric cookers. A programmable timer is not an every-product feature. This really is a classy bit of equipment.

The Stoves gives you flexibility too… Flexibility with your hob, with a 3 ring size choice. The flexibility is also in the grilling – with a dual circuit grill. Excuse the jargon there, but that ensures you can select a smaller meal function when grilling. By doing this, you have lower energy bills – which is always a bonus.

The RICHMOND550E has an enamel lining inside the dual oven too. This enamel lining is grease proof, which allows you to wipe grease away. Less oven grease and less elbow grease… Cannot complain about that. Although this is no comparison to the catalytic lining, it does reduce the effort you have to take cleaning your oven. It really is a once-over wipe, just with added oven cleaner. Compared to the damp cloth wipe that the catalytic linings offer you.

Lets see what positives the RICHMOND gives:

  • Cheaper than some – £590 or there abouts
  • Decent capacity – 108L total… More room means more food, which makes us all very happy
  • Multiple hob sizes – 3 sizes gives you better contact with different size pans
  • Programmable timer
  • Halogen inside light – Make all the moths jealous with 36% more light… The better you can see your food, the better your judgement on timing is.
  • Fascia cooling system – the outside is kept cool, so no horrible burns

As with all, there are the negatives. Although I struggle to find that with LargeKitchenAppliances… Does that mean I am the negative?


Back to the RICHMOND550E:

  • Secondary cavity has an energy rating of B
  • Enamel lining – which isn’t as good as the catalytic lining

 This is also available in cream and red

  1. Belling CLASSIC60E – Best Cheap Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-915mm; W-600mm; D-600mm

Belling - best electric cookers 2019This was a tough choice, which one to pick at 7 or 8… The Stoves and the Belling CLASSIC60E were almost two peas in a pod. The Stoves slightly more on features, but the Belling having the slightly better energy rating and slightly cheaper price. It caused quite the ruckus here at LargeKitchenAppliances.

The rest is history…

As you see by our label of for the Belling, it is the best cheaper option for an electric cooker, compared to all of the others currently out there. It has a very tempting price of £450… Although, showing you the price without the features is a bit like a Nigerian Prince routine. So let’s dive in.

The Belling offers total control of your meal. With a programmable oven you don’t even need to be in the same country to ensure your parsnips are roasted for when you come back after that long working day. As we’ve mentioned some many times before, this really is no small thing…

You know what else isn’t small, the capacity.

You have a main cavity of 69L and a secondary cavity of 39L which gives you more than enough space to cook your favourite meal. Send the dinner party invites now, you have no excuses! Is your favourite meal actually a full Turkey? No problem… With 5 shelf positions in the main cavity you can arrange it to fit that Norfolk Black Turkey inside. Let’s see why else you should gobble up the Belling:

  • Dual Oven
  • Variable grill
  • Easier to clean with an Enamel lining
  • Removable inner glass for cleaning
  • Programmable timer
  • Cheap – only £450

To reminisce of David Cameron’s ‘sitting next to a turkey’ comment at Ed Balls, let’s see where the Belling is more Turkey and less Banger (Sausage for those not accustomed to ‘Bangers and Mash’)…

  • No catalytic lining
  • Only 2 hob ring sizes

 Dairy intolerant, so you don’t like the cream? Don’t worry, the Belling also comes in Black

  1. Newworld 60EDOC – Reasonably Priced Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-900mm; W-600mm; D-685mm

I can show you the ‘Newworld’,

Shining, shimmering, splendid,

Tell me, reader, now when did

You last cook your favourite pie…

Sorry about that, but we’re all huge Disney fans here at LargeKitchenAppliances… You can never miss a chance for an Aladdin and Jasmine duet.

Back to the review, right…

NewWorld - best electric cooker 2019 reviewThe Newworld 60EDOC is first and foremost a solid performer, it has all you need in an oven and features a variable grill also. The size is a total 99L which will mean you have plenty of space for a large family meal or even multiple dishes at once. The secondary cavity gives you an extra bit of oven space too, so you could cook different dishes at different temperatures. The design is a classy ceramic 2 hob too.

It’s solid…

It isn’t mind-blowingly brilliant… But solid

It does provide good cleaning facilities with an enamel lining for an easy one-wipe clean and a removable glass window for easy cleaning. But to go along with all this the Newworld has a decent price of around an even £500 which puts it in the ‘reasonable’ category for prices.

That’s not all that is even… The Newworld has a mutli-ariflow design which means you get the same temperature at the bottom, middle and ending (a bit like the quality of Aladdin, brilliant throughout). This allows you to push your culinary timings to the limit and prevents you from having to swap the places of the dishes.

There is a bit of as downside to the Newworld. No not Jafar, the energy rating is low. With a main cavity rating of B, your energy bills will be higher. No one wants to fork out extra on the electricity bill, so take this into consideration when choosing a friend like this…

Let’s take ‘one jump ahead’ and look at the features:

Great stuff:

  • Variable Grill – optimum grilling temperatures
  • Double glazed oven window – no burning
  • Multi-Airflow design
  • Main oven light – see your food for better cooking
  • Dual oven
  • £600 is a reasonable price to pay

Not so great:

  • B energy rating
  • No catalytic lining
  • Lack of programmable oven or hob
  • No magic carpet option

 The New World is also available in Stainless Steal.

  1. Leisure Gourmet GRB6CVK – Biggest Main Cavity Electric Cooker 2019

    Dimensions: H-900mm; W-600mm; D-600mm

Leisure Gourmet - best electric cooker 2019 reviewDid you know that ‘gourmet’ is actually to do with wine tasting, rather than food? Every day is a school day her at LargeKitchenAppliances. Next lesson is about the Leisure Gourmet GRB6CVK…

The most striking feature of this GBR6CVK is its look. It is designed in a ‘range-style’ which means it is beautiful and looks the part. It looks tall, with its curved window and splash-back… Making it more leggy supermodel than clean-cut, George Clooney-esk.

The GRB6CVK isn’t just a looker…

It offers space, a lot of it. The total capacity is 113L. That is bigger than most under-counter freezers! This makes it the biggest electric cooker on the list. So you can cook literally any meal that you can think of. You could have a huge dish or several dishes at once. The space is split 75/38L too; so if you need to cook at different temperatures, you can.

The space isn’t the only talent the GRB6CVK presents in the beauty pageant… It is top notch at reducing your cleaning efforts. It boasts a catalytic lining, which uses the heat from cooking to dissolve the grease. This means you barely have to wipe to keep it clean (no oven grease, and no elbow grease). The front glass is also removeable so you can pop this in the dishwasher and bob’s your uncle, your oven spring clean is done…

The pretty things in life do come (usually) at a cost. This is true if you want to add this ‘leggy supermodel’ to your kitchen. The GRB6CVK comes with an £800 – £850 price tag, which isn’t the most on our best electric cooker 2019 list, but it is a lot for what it offers.

Let’s see the talent the Leisure Gourmet has:

  • A energy rating – saving you money household bills
  • Splashback – protecting your kitchen wall from stains
  • Huge capacity – 113L
  • Dual oven
  • Catalytic lining – easy cleaning
  • Interior light – a better view makes a better stew
  • Programmable timer

Not quite as easy on the eye:

  • £800 – £850 price tag
  • No glass on secondary cavity

 There you have it, the best electric cookers 2019 as reviewed by LargeKitchenAppliances. Of course you may not agree, and we definitely want to hear your opinions on what product you feel deserves to be on the list. Nothing like a debate (not too heated though… Sorry, terrible pun) on what are the best electric cookers 2019. Contact us via email, social media or our contact form to have your say.

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